How To Fix Your Inflatable Spa/Portable Hot Tub

How To Fix Your Inflatable Spa/Portable Hot Tub

All excited to dip yourself in a warm, cosy bath only to find out that your inflatable spa is not working? Bummer.

Blow up spas are actually pretty sturdy, but as with all things, you're bound to encounter a few issues sometimes. Luckily, quick spa fixes are just as convenient as setting them up. These portable hot tubs are made with convenience in mind, which extends to occasional woes.

Maintenance first, before anything else!
What is an EO2?
Inflatable Spa FAQs On Maintenance and Repairs

These are your must-haves for keeping your in brand new condition:

  • Bromine - This chemical works like chlorine but is more suitable for the warm waters of a spa. Its main job is to sanitise your spa and keep the water fresh.

  • pH Balancing - Specifically, your pH balancing kit should include a testing device/testing strips, sodium carbonate, and sodium bisulphate. These work to keep your spa equipment like heating elements and pumps safe from damage. It also helps prevent skin/eye irritations for maximum user safety.

  • Spa Shock Treatment - These are non-chlorine treatments that eliminate odours and reduce irritating contaminants to maintain water quality.

  • Calcium Booster - Calcium boosters raise the "hardness" level in your water which helps prevent the corrosion of spa equipment.

The above items can be purchased from Bunnings or a local pool store.

Basic spa maintenance tips:

  • Use your testing device or strips for weekly water testing or more often, if the spa is used regularly. Treatments are only added when needed.

  • Bromine levels should be between 3-5ppm, while pH levels should fall between 7.4 and 7.6. Any reading below 7.4 means your water is acidic, so you would have to add pH Upp (sodium carbonate) to correct it. If the pH reading is above 7.6, it means the water is basic or alkaline. To bring the pH level down you would use pH Down (Bisulphate).

  • Total alkalinity should is also important and should be around 80-120ppm.

  • Time to test the water "hardness." This should fall at 100-250ppm. If it reads below 100ppm, you should add some calcium booster but if it's over 250ppm, there is no known way of lowering it using chemicals.

  • Bath salts are nice but are not suitable for spas so don't use them!

If your pump is displaying the E02 error code, this means that your spa is having a water flow issue. This is normally due to a dirty filter, debris, or low water levels.

Here's a step-by-step process on how to fix an E02 error:

  1. Remove the filter housing and run the pump on filter or heat mode. If this doesn't trigger the E02, it means the filter cartridge was too dirty and needs to be replaced. If running it without the filter housing still results in E02, please proceed to the next step.

  2. Attach stopper caps to the spa and disconnect the pump from it. Check for kinks in all hoses, particularly hose B at the bottom. Kinks are often formed due to the pressure of the water and the air engulfing the hose. If you find any, un-kink the hose or use a plastic tube (plumbers tube) to wrap the hose to prevent kinks from forming again.

  3. Try resetting the pump. Refer to this for instructions:

  1. If E03 persists, connect the pump to the spa again and take off the stopper caps. Place one hand over the outlet and press Heat. In the split second before the pump goes into E02, verify and let us know if any water movement is detected from the outlet.

  2. Contact us for further assistance if the steps above didn't work or if you have other questions.

Why is the spa heating at a higher than the set temperature?

Normally, spa pumps really heat the water to a couple of degrees higher than what you initially set. It will eventually stop the heating function until it has dropped to a couple of degrees below the set temperature and this is when the heater will restart.

Why is the temperature dropping when I turn on the bubbles?

The air from your Lay-Z-Spa massage system cools the water down and decreases the temperature. Luckily, newer models released in 2017 allow you to use the heater simultaneously with the bubbles.

What happens if my spa is punctured?

Use a washing-up liquid diluted in water then wet the spa liner surface. The escaping air should produce some visible bubbles to help you locate the punctures. Some models come with a repair patch but if yours do not, you can purchase them from online Bestway stores.

Why is the spa switching off after 72 hours?

Automatic switch-off after 72 hours is a safety function and cannot be turned off. To reactivate the spa, unlock the control panel by holding the lock/unlock key and pressing the heater function.

Can I use the spa in winter?

Spas should not be left out in temperatures lower than 4ËšC (40ËšF). Frozen water can damage your pump and spa liner, while the freezing temperature can also cause the liner and cover materials to deteriorate.

How often should I change the water and filters?

You should change the water depending on how well you have maintained it during your last use. If you're sure that it's still clean and safe, you can continue using it but if not, it's safest to just change the water. Filters, on the other hand, should be cleaned after every use to remove any particles or debris. Dirty filters will change in colour and can even cause E02 errors. If you are unable to clean your filters, it's best to replace them instead.

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