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How to Fish with a Kayak

How to Fish with a Kayak

Fishing is a great experience. Not only does it relieve stress, it can create special bonding moments, support wildlife and fisheries management, provide entertainment and give you a sense of fulfillment when securing a catch. Fishing has been a popular pastime for thousands of years and fishing from a kayak presents a whole new fun and exciting challenge.

The kayak

Fishing is possible from any kayak and sit-on types make great fishing platforms that provide extra stability. Many kayaks come with accessories such as mounted rod holders and storage and kayaks are so lightweight these days that they are easily transportable. Something like the new 2014 professionally made Parramatta Fishing/Adventure Kayak is perfect for open waters, lakes, rivers and bay paddling. It's a fun, stable, durable and compact kayak loaded with all the accessories you could need for a successful fishing trip. Carrying up to five fishing rods, the Parramatta offers front and centre hatches and back storage for additional gear. It carries up to 150kg comfortably and has a length of 2.70m and width of 0.82m. It's size makes it easy for climbing in and out of and the deluxe padded seat offers a luxurious space for whiling away the hours.

The technique

Having the right kayak makes all the difference when it comes to a successful and enjoyable fishing expedition. You have to feel at one with the kayak, as you cast, retrieve, release and fish using both hands. If you are new to kayaking, try a few lessons first to learn the correct strokes and increase your confidence. If you are venturing beyond the surf zone, it is recommended you take a specialised surf class. To avoid tipping, you will need to learn to keep your head centred to the kayak at all times. While kayak fishing is a great sport, it does require some adjustments from regular fishing. You may find you need to adapt your usual technique of casting. One of the biggest problems kayak fisherpersons face is hooking the lure or fly onto the back deck or rudder. Once hooked, it is virtually impossible to remove from the tightly woven deck lines used today without the help of a friend. You're then left with one of two options - either paddle back to shore or break the line and get a new lure.

The rod

The type of rod you use may also need adjusting. Some suggest acquiring a short rod for kayak fishing, but be careful not to go too short. Should a larger catch cut a right angle escape, it will take your rod with it if your rod tip can't be fully swing around the kayak. Your rod should be able to swing a full circle around your kayak, which will ensure you maintain control of your catch no matter where it swims.

The lure

Lacking a working deck or bench means limited room for a large tackle box. Most kayak fishing calls for small lure boxes that contain half a dozen pieces stored in tiny compartments. You can use the spray skirt when preparing each lure, but for an easier experience, prepare them before you go.

The fish

It's important to remember that fishing so close to the water, you will need to bring your rod tip to an almost vertical point to bring your fish in close to the kayak. You will then need to land the fish and this can be done in one of three ways - using a landing net, a chain stringer or a quick retrieval move.

The clothing

Dress with the idea in mind that you may need to swim. This means wearing clothes that still keep you warm but won't weigh you down when wet. Look for quick dry clothing over cotton. Outbax can help you choose the best kayak for your water and fishing activities. Outbax ships products for free and offers some discounts. For more information, visit Outbax.