How Much Is A Spa?

How Much Is A Spa?

Inflatable hot tubs are one way of enjoying an authentic spa experience at a more affordable price. Instead of paying per session, having your own portable spa at home allows you to enjoy a cosy dip every now and then for free. You only need to pay once and you'll have a blow-up spa ready to be set up in your backyard in less than an hour. The question is: How much does a spa cost? Of course, you'd want an idea of the price range before making your purchase so here's a little run down for you.

How Much Do Portable Spas Cost?

Portable hot tubs range between $500 to $4,000 depending on how big it is and what features it has. There are two types of this: Inflatable hot tubs or inflatable spas and plastic portable tubs. The inflatable spa is the cheapest, weighing less than 100 pounds. They're great for renters and those with limited space at home as they require no special plumbing or installation. Typically, this kind of spa doesn't have built-in seats and can accommodate 2-4 people. Plastic hot tubs, on the other hand, are heavier but sturdier. It can still be easily transferred from one place to another and can seat up to 6 people. If you really want to invest in a spa, you can also invest in the above-ground acrylic type. This will require installation but is guaranteed durable and appealing. Overall, it could cost you around $4,000 to $7,000.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa ST. MORITZ

For a bit of overview, a standard inflatable hot tub retails at $600 to $1,000. Want something with massage jets and a water filtration system? That's around $2,000 to $3,200. How about add-ons like LED lights, drink holders, and a waterfall feature? Since these types of spas are extra special, you'd probably need $3,500 to $4,300. If you're starting to think twice about that inflatable hot tub, don't turn around just yet. There are actually shops where you can get them for a cheaper price without compromising on quality. For instance, at Outbax, we have a collection of differently-sized Bestway spas that sell at $500 to $1800 only! That's significantly lesser than the prices mentioned earlier, so why not go and check our website outyou might just find the spa of your dreams there.

Are Inflatable Spas Worth It?

This question is partly dependent on the type of portable spa or hot tub you want to buy. If we're talking about the cost alone, yes, it is worth it especially for those who want a leisure item in their backyard on a low budget price. It might be different than its solid counterparts but if you take the overall fees and convenience into account, inflatable spas are really of great value. A good tip for buying a blow-up spa would to thoroughly check the quality. If you're worried about durability and heating capability, make sure to do your researchcertainly, there are ones that deliver good performance and are made with long-wearing materials. One example would be the Lay-Z-Spa range. Equipped with multiple jets and filtration systems, it's one of the best inflatable spas that you might want to consider getting.

How Long Will an Inflatable Hot Tub Last?

The average lifespan of an inflatable spa is 5 years. They're usually constructed with vinyl so most issues will spring from punctures, harsh weather conditions, or wear and tear. Actually, how you handle and use your spa plays a big part in how long it's going to last. Make sure you handle it with care during assembly, deflation, and storage so you can enjoy them for a long time.

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