Guide to the Sleeping Gear You'll Need for Camping

Guide to the Sleeping Gear You'll Need for Camping

It is such a wonderful feeling to wake up feeling refreshed after a night of sleeping under the stars. Unfortunately, many campers actually don't get that experience! But it doesn't have to be that way. All you need is the right sleeping gear.

Yes the outdoor sleeping gear trifecta of tent, mattress and sleeping bag is the best way to sleep outdoors. However, if you get one wrong say, you get the wrong type of sleeping bag, it can certainly affect your overall camping experience.

Read on to learn what you need to look for in the three major sleeping categories you'll need on your next camping trip.


Shelter is the first thing that you set up when you get to any campsite if you're not sleeping in a caravan. There are two types of shelter that are popular among campers: swags and the traditional family tent. Whatever type of shelter you choose, here are some features you need to look for when buying one, aside from the usual things like easy set-up and portability.


What is the point of setting up a shelter if it can't keep you dry should there be a sudden downpour of rain? Whether you're buying a swag or a tent, check if the materials are made from thick, waterproof vinyl. The same goes with the flooring. No water should seep in from the roof and floor of your tent or swag.

UV Resistant

Keep in mind that we live in Australia. And summer can get VERY hot. One of the things you need to ask when buying a tent or swag for camping is whether or not it's UV resistant. This feature prevents heat accumulation inside the tent or swag, so it won't not be uncomfortable to stay inside during the day.

Mesh windows/panels

You also need to check if the tent or swag has mesh windows and panels that will allow for air circulation. The mesh is also important to keep pesky bugs away. This way you'll have a restful, comfortable sleep without worrying about being a living breathing buffet for mosquitoes.

Air Mattresses

After you have decided on shelter, the next piece of sleeping gear you need to consider is an air mattress. While many camping purists will roll their eyes and comment on how sleeping on blow up mattresses isn't exactly camping, there are those who won't sacrifice having a comfy sleep even when they are outdoors.

So, the things you need to consider when choosing an air mattress for camping are...

Built-in air pump

Choose air mattresses that comes with its own air pump, for convenience and easy set up. At the very least it will save you the hassle of bringing more stuff and crowding the car. You should also check if the mattress comes with a quick release air valve so packing it all up won't be a hassle.

An air mattress with a built-in pillow is also a good choice as this means you won't need to pack more stuff. A blanket a comfy one will do, and you are all set.

Durable PVC materials

A good air mattress is made with sturdy PVC so it can withstand the demands of even the most active camper. While this won't make your air mattress 100% puncture-proof, PVC lasts for a long time and is quite easy to maintain and keep clean.

Polyester fabric is also helpful in keeping you comfy and reinforces the durability of the bed. Choose an air mattress with a coil beam construction, so you know that it won't easily get damaged when used for camping.

Sleeping bag

You will find a lot of different sleeping bag types in the market. There are down-filled and synthetic sleeping bags; envelope and rectangle shaped, etc. While it can be overwhelming here are some of the things you need to look for when you shop for one.

Breathable, waterproof layers

The inner materials and the shell of the sleeping bag matters a lot. Is the shell layer breathable while also being waterproof? Are the layers made from comfortable materials that do not allow rain, condensation or snow to soak through? Will it keep you warm enough during cold nights and comfortable during warm evenings?


Sleeping bag hoods are important if you are going to camp during the winter season. Or if you naturally just get cold quickly. You want a sleeping bag with a hood that will keep your head warm and not make you feel constricted even when you draw it a little tight around your face.


Zippers are very important when choosing a sleeping bag. The zippers need to be sturdy and fully open so you can easily get in and out of the bag. The zippers should also stay in place and not slide down while you are sleeping. This will help keep you warm throughout the night.

Final thoughts

There is nothing better than waking up comfortable and warm and actually take your time getting up and out of your tent. After all, you're on holiday and you should enjoy the peace and beauty of nature around you.

The only way for this to happen is to get the best sleeping gear for camping. And here at Outbax, you will not be disappointed. We guarantee that our camping sleeping gear is not just high quality, but also fits every budget.

Is this the first time you are buying sleeping gear for camping? Do you want to know more about our camping gear? No worries! Just give us a call today and our friendly team of camping enthusiasts will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the best deals on outdoor gear.

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