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Glamping in Australia: The Top Spots for Bringing Your Blow-Up Spa

Glamping in Australia: The Top Spots for Bringing Your Blow-Up Spa

Camping is a good way to unwind with family and friends. It is also a great opportunity to connect with nature, such as having a refreshing dip on your inflatable spa in one of Australia's best camping or glamping sites. What better way to spend the day in the beautiful outdoors, whilst relaxing in a comfortable blow-up spa that is designed to provide you the same relaxation you get from a spa house? This is when camping becomes glamping.

If you have just bought an inflatable spa or you are planning to buy one and would like to know the best outdoor spots to place your blow-up spa in Australia, then you are in the right place.

Your Go-to Glamping Sites

Here are the top camping/glamping sites where you can bring your blow-up spa:

1. Mitchell River National Park

This is home to one of Australia's most beautiful landscapes, rainforest gullies, and amazing river views. Mitchell River National Park is a place you would not want to miss whilst camping in the country. The national park offers many camping sites where you can set up your tents and enjoy taking a dip on your inflatable spa whilst watching the serene rivers. These camping areas include Angusvale and Woolshed Creek.

2. Wyndham Caravan Park

This area is perfect if you bring a caravan for camping. The park provides free and secure caravan storage for your peace of mind. The extensive park shaded by many trees is perfect for pitching your tent and setting up your blow-up spa. The campsites in the park have a good flat landscape that will not tear up or puncture your inflatable spa. However, it is still best to take precautions such as placing a pad on the ground before you set up your blow-up spa, so you can avoid possible damages. One thing to note is that there are unpowered campsites in the park, which means you might not be able to recharge your devices in case you need them. If you need to power up your mobile phones and other gadgets, it is advisable that you bring a portable solar panel with you just in case you are in an unpowered site. Portable solar panels are helpful in providing cost-effective and clean energy. All you need to do is set it up under the sun and you can power up your devices for free.

3. Wycliffe Well Holiday Park

If you're up for some unusual adventure, this park at the Northern Territory might just be what you're looking for. Wycliffe Well Holiday Park is a well-known spot for UFO sighting. With its grassed sites, you will be able to enjoy the view of the sky with or without a telescope whilst relaxing on your blow-up spa. Sunset watching is also an amazing activity you don't want to miss in this area. There have been hundreds of documented UFO sightings in this campsite since World War II, according to some articles. So, start planning your visit and grab your inflatable mattress for an unforgettable UFO sighting experience.

4. Springlawn, Narawntapu National Park

If you enjoy spending time with the wildlife, then this camping site is perfect for you. You can bring your portable blow-up spa especially if you are up for caravan camping. At dusk, you will be able to spot wombats, kangaroos, pademelons, and wallabies. What's more exciting at this location is you can find affordable to free camping sites where you can pitch up your tent and set up your inflatable spa. These include Rihanna Pioneer Park and O'Neills Creek.

5. Great Ocean Walk

This walking trail at Victoria is a great place for unwinding, exercise, and getting healthy. If you love the view of the ocean, you will surely enjoy hiking and camping here. There are several camping sites at Great Ocean Walk where you can enjoy the beauty of nature with your family and friends. You can set up your inflatable spa above the cliff as long as you do it with utmost precaution. You will definitely love the view of the ocean whilst relaxing on your blow-up spa.

6. Ormiston George

Situated at West MacDonnell National Park, Ormiston George is one of the stunning go-to campsites in Australia. The campsite is well-known for star-gazing, given its clear and extensive starry sky which will definitely amaze your sight. You can enjoy relaxing on your blow-up spa whilst watching the starry night sky. Ormiston George has been featured in postcards and paintings, and you will find out why once you have camped in it.

7. Noah Beach Campsite

Located at Dain Tree National Park in the state of Queensland, Noah Beach Campsite has a magnificent beach view and rich wildlife. This location has 15 campsites which are all great for setting up your inflatable spa. If you would like to experience the starry night sky with the smell of the ocean breeze, you can choose to set up your tent near the beach.

8. Mt. Field National Park

Known as Tasmania's first national park, this place has amazing vistas and great wildlife. It is considered the go-to spot for nature-loving folks, given the scenic view of its tall trees. As you enter the park, the campsite is visible just after passing through Visitor Centre. There is plenty of shade in the campground which is perfect for your inflatable spa. The campsite sits right beside Tyenna River.

9. Paperbark Camp

Located at Jervis Bay, New South Wales, this campsite is the definition of glamping. Flash Camp offers luxury camping with a king deluxe safari tent. The tent has a protected outdoor lounge where you can relax in the comfort of your inflatable spa. The campsite also has a stunning view and plenty of space if you are planning to host a celebration. There are also tons of activities you can do at Jervis Bay's beautiful beach.

10. Main Range National Park

This park is perfect for campers who prefer a hiking adventure, as it is known for high and rocky places. However, it's not always rugged at Main Range National Park because it also has flat, grassed campsites that are perfect for your tent and blow-up spa. These sites include the Poplar Flat camping area, which is the first campground that welcomes you upon entering the park. This site is also ideal if you're into caravan camping because it provides plenty of space for everyone. Other good campsites to set up your inflatable spa are the Manna Gum area and Spicers Peak (West), which offer a good view of the rainforest.

11. Iga Warta

This location is rich in culture, history, and biodiversity. The name Iga warta refers to the place for native orange trees. Iga Warta has a lot of activities to offer, including its well-known campfire evening. The place has three campsites that are ideal for sleeping underneath the starry night sky. These include Leigh Creek Caravan Park, the Iga Warta Campground, and Copley Cabins and Caravan Park. Iga Warta also offers tents with verandas where you can take a dip on your inflatable spa.

12. Margaret River

Situated in Western Australia and only a three-hour drive from Perth, this place has a lot of campgrounds for you to choose from. These include Gracetown Caravan Park which has holiday accommodations perfect for you and your family. The park also offers shady and powered campsites where you can bring your caravan and inflatable spa.

13. Dawsons Spring

Located at Mt Kaputar National Park in New South Wales, Dawsons Spring is also called the ˜Ecological Island because it is surrounded by breathtaking sceneries. It is also good for setting up your tent and blow-up spa. With a total of 25 campsites at Dawsons Spring, you will find a good place for caravan camping. The place offers a magnificent view of the mountain side, which is great for unwinding.

14. Blue Mountains National Park

Situated in New South Wales, this park offers plenty of camping areas suitable for your inflatable spa. If you are into hiking, you will love the Three Sisters Walk and Cliff Top Walking track where breathtaking sceneries will greet you. You will also enjoy birdwatching as well as the view of wild flowers. Camping sites include Acacia Flat Campground which is in the Gross Valley Wilderness. The stunning blue gum forest view is perfect for spending the night with your inflatable spa. Other campsites worth visiting are Millionth Acre Picnic and Mount Werong.

15. Umina Beach, NSW

This is another ideal location if you enjoy the ambiance of the sea. Umina Beach will keep you and your family entertained. The spacious area will provide you with an ideal spot to pitch your tent. You can also have barbeques in certain spots, relax by the bay, and swim. There are 40 campgrounds in the vicinity of Umina Beach that are also great for setting up your blow-up spa, particularly if you want to wash off the seawater from your skin. These include the Tallow Beach campground which has a stunning view and is only a short distance from the beach.

16. Stoney Park, Telegraph Point

We all know that camping captivates people who appreciate nature as well as the adventurous individuals who enjoy outdoor activities. Stoney Park makes it easier for campers to achieve both. Here, you can access all the holiday facilities including a laundry spot and barbeque areas. You will find the place so charming that it will encourage you to set up your blow-up spa in a spot to enjoy it more. If you like water sports and other water-related activities, Stoney Park will keep you busy and entertained. It offers water skiing and jet skiing courses on two man-made lagoons. There is also a spacious canoeing lake. Surrounding it are trails that are ideal for bush walking, biking, and other fun activities.

17. Seal Rocks, NSW

After a long, stressful day at work, you would probably long for a pleasant vacation. If you enjoy camping by the bay and would like to witness the beauty of wildlife, you can experience all these in Seal Rocks. Seal Rocks has been a favourite site of most camping enthusiasts for many years. It is located within Myall Lakes National Park. The scenic camping site will help you relax whilst you enjoy its beautiful surroundings. It has many spots where you can set up your tent or place your inflatable spa. There is also a spot for campfires. The staff at Seal Rocks are friendly and always available to help. Once you've experienced all these, you will most likely come back to this nature paradise.

18. Barrington Rocks National Park

This extensive location is considered a sanctuary by camping enthusiasts, as well as by those who want to witness, enjoy, and experience the wilderness. Numerous camping sites in Barrington Rocks National Park offer various activities such as swimming, trekking, canoeing, biking, and fishing. With its natural forests, amazing wildlife, clear mountain streams, beautiful plateaus, and exotic birds, you will never run out of places in Australia to set up your tent and inflatable spa. It's also ideal for people who dream of the Oztrail experience or the activities associated with an outdoor adventure.

Your Quality Camping Gear

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