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Gentrax Generator Review: How Does It Rate?

Gentrax Generator Review: How Does It Rate?

With modern technologies and advancement, humanity has been gifted with portable versions of essential everyday and not-so-everyday tools, technologies, and machineries. An example is the portable generator that comes in handy during emergencies, blackouts, and not-so-urgent needs like camping. If you're in the process of purchasing a generator, it's important for you to understand the difference between KW (Kilowatt) and KVA (Kilovolt-Ampere), which are terms you will encounter a lot as you choose a generator for purchase. The KW rating refers to the resulting output a generator is able to supply on the basis of the engine's horsepower. On the other hand, the KVA refers to the generator end capacity.

Together, these allow you to determine a generator's power factor or the ratio between its KW and KVA capacities. A generator with a higher power factor can more efficiently transfer energy to the appliance or gadget connected to it whilst a lower power factor leads to a less efficient energy transfer. There are various generator brands in Australia, with Gentrax being among the top ones. To help you choose the best generator to purchase, this Gentrax generator review aims to give you the lowdown on this product.

The Gentrax Generator Product Line

The Gentrax generator is a beautiful and efficient piece of machinery that takes away the black from blackouts and puts fun in camping and other outdoor activities. It has models like the Gentrax GT6000 generator and Gentrax 4.4 among others. The following are some of the best sellers in this product line:

Gentrax Generator 8.4KVA 6KW Diesel Generator - $1,049

This product sells like pancakes in Australia. The 8.4 KVA generator comes with a heavy-duty steel casing, multifunctional LCD screen, protection for thermal and overload, funnels, wheels, handlebar, and an air-cooled or 4-stroke engine. This product receives great reviews from consumers who applaud its battery capacity, max output capacity, fuel tank capacity, and reliability. This generator is not portable, given its heavy weight.

Gentrax 800W Mini Pure Sine Wave Petrol Inverter Camping Generator - $289

Another best seller, the 800W Mini Pure is perfect for camping trips throughout Australia. This portable generator offers the max output of 1kVa or 0.8 Kw. It can store up to 2.1 litres of fuel to keep the energy coming for many hours. With this product, you don't have to worry about that annoying sound generators make when they run. The 800W Mini Pure comes with a super quiet technology. In addition, this model's AC outlets are weather proof.

Gentrax 4.4KVA Generator Pure Sine Inverter Portable Petrol

This Gentrax model has been compared to some of the best generator products in the entire country, as well as to the Gentrax GT6000. It can also be considered Gentrax 8.4's little brother due to its max output.

Gentrax 1.2Kw Camping Generator featuring Pure Sine Wave Petrol Inverter - $379

The 1.2KW Pure Sine generator is a level higher than the 800W one. With a $90 difference, most buyers go for the 1.2KW instead of the 800W generator, as the former has a 1.2-KW max output, a 1.0-KW rated output, and an air-cooled 4-stroke engine just like the other Gentrax models. This product is also recommended due to its portability, given its 448 X 236 X 392 dimension and 12.5-kg weight. It can provide lasting energy supply and is easy to carry. This generator can continuously run for five hours straight with 3.0 litres of fuel.

Gentrax 2.5Kw Camping Generator featuring Pure Sine Wave Petrol Inverter - $599

If you don't mind paying a few more dollars, the Gentrax 2.5Kw camping generator is the way to go. Compared to the generators with 12Kw and 800W max outputs, the 2.5KW generator allows you and your family to enjoy your camping trip more. It can provide you with more than ten hours of continuous energy supply. With its low oil consumption and super easy recoil start, this product is a hot commodity. Do note that the easy recoil start feature is important because most generators have trouble with efficient recoil or manual starting system. In addition, the low oil consumption technology makes Gentrax 2.5Kw a close rival to the Gentrax 4.4Kva and Gentrax 8.4Kva. The Gentrax brand has more products with different power ratings such as 2Kw, 3.5Kw, 6.0 Kw, and others. Although Gentrax generators are great for camping, it is advisable for you to purchase the product you want based on your long-term needs and not just for the camping trip you have planned next week. This ensures that your generator can meet other potential needs such as power outages, in turn allowing you to make the most of your generator.


The Gentrax generator product line is at par with some other top brands like Honda and Briggs & Stratton. In addition, Gentrax offers some of the best camping generator inverters available in Australia where camping is a common activity. The Gentrax brand also offers you a wide array of generators. You are free to choose from generators with varying max output capacities, and you can also purchase one based on your preferences and budget. Gentrax products are affordable. Other Gentrax generator reviews online also indicate the same positive sentiments, giving you the assurance that this generator is a good buy.

Gentrax Generators for Camping

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