First Timer's Guide To Buying An Inverter Generator

First Timer's Guide To Buying An Inverter Generator

Whether you're at home or on the road for an outdoor adventure, you rely heavily on electronics to communicate and well, to function, really. Unfortunately, electronic devices run out of juice over time and require charging so you can keep on using them.

And if you're camping or have power interruption at home, keeping your gadgets powered up can be a problem.

The solution? A stable, clean power source than traditional generators are able to provide.

Enter the inverter generator. Favored by many today for their power needs. Not only are these machines quieter and produce stable energy, their lightweight and portable design make them perfect for camping and caravanning. They are actually often used for backyard or garden parties, even.

So if you're looking at available generators for sale and planning to purchase a generator for the first time, you're in luck. As avid campers ourselves, we understand the need to bring the comforts of home with you on every outdoor adventure. Read on as we help you through making your first inverter generator purchase.

What is an inverter generator?

Simply put, inverter generators are machines that convert energy generated by fuel into electricity. Essentially works the same way as the traditional generator, the big difference being that inverter generators are designed to clean up the electricity they generate. In other words, you get the same quality of electricity that you get from your power company in a compact machine.

Why should I buy an inverter generator?

Inverter generators produce cleaner, safer electricity for your gadgets. - Traditional generators produce effective and sufficient electricity to power electronic devices. But effective isn't always refined (let's use refined, shall we?). The type of electricity produced works fine for devices you grew up with and use on a daily basis: kitchen appliances fans, lamps, electric radios.

However, modern electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, table PCs and TVs, are sensitive to spikes or power surges that typically happen with traditional generators. Products like Gentrax inverter generators not only have higher power output, they have the capability to clean or refine the power from fuel. This makes them safer electricity sources for modern gadgets.

Inverter generators are fuel efficient. - Like their traditional counterparts, inverter generators require petrol or diesel fuel to produce electricity. The big difference is inverter generators have the capability to adjust electricity output to demand.

Old timey generators run on one speed, regardless of the power requirement of the devices connected to it, making them fuel-guzzlers. An inverter generator powers up and down as devices use or don't use power. The result, a more fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly power source.

Inverter generators are lightweight and portable. - These generators are designed to be taken nearly anywhere. Designed to be lighter and portable than traditional generators, it is easier to bring a power source with you wherever you need it. These generators are also designed to fit easily in the trunk of your car or a camper van.

Inverter generators are quiet. - Perhaps the biggest selling point there is. If you have ever used or have seen traditional generators before, you know how notoriously loud they are. They are so loud that it is impossible to take them on camping trips or even use for backyard parties.

Because inverter generators do not constantly run at full speed, these babies do not emit loud noises or vibrations. So if you're not requiring it to produce a lot of power, it does not work as hard, thus lessening noise. You can stand next to an inverter generator at a party, and not yell over the sound it makes.

A few safety tips when using your inverter generator for the first time - We know it's exciting to have your first inverter generator. But as with everything else, you need to take note of the a few safety tips before you start using your new machine:

First, you should know the wattage of the appliances you will connect to your inverter generator to avoid overloading.

Second, make sure you read the instruction manual that came with your generator. If you have questions, you can call the customer support hotline. Numbers and business hours are usually provided in the user's manual.

Lastly, do not use your generator indoors and keep it dry at all times. Do not use it in the rain or if you have wet hands.

To sum it up

Overall, an inverter generator is a fantastic device to have in your home. Whether you need it as a back up electricity source to charge your devices during a power outage; provide the comforts of home while camping or prepping for the zombie apocalypse (admit it - you're thinking about it), many people agree that these machines are investments well worth making.

Want to buy your first inverter generator but can't leave home? Check out award winning generators for sale at Outbaxcamping. Still have questions? You can chat with us at our website. We look forward to helping you make the best investment.

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