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Camping Supplies: 10 Creative Ideas to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping Supplies: 10 Creative Ideas to Try on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a fun outdoor activity -- something that many people cannot say no to. It's simple but can be very enjoyable, especially when spent with family, friends, and loved ones. The fresh breeze, the melodious chirp of the birds, the calming sight of the woods, and the breathtaking view of a moonlit and star-spangled sky make you feel one with nature and forget about your troubles.

Packing for camping can be daunting, though. You have to make sure that you bring the right and sufficient camping supplies that will help you surmount the challenges that come with the activity. Camping essentials are a big must if you want to have a great time inside and outside your tent. Here are ten smart camping ideas that will not only help you get through the entire trip, but will also greatly improve and enhance your experience wherever your camping grounds may be.

Camping Idea #1: Expand your food options by bringing a frying pan

Are you sick of all the canned food you eat whilst camping because it is the most convenient thing you can have? Many campers don't know that they can actually expand their camping menu by bringing a frying pan and some cooking oil. Do you like pizza? Then don't forget to bring a frying pan in your next camping trip. Yes, pizza can be fried. It may not end up exactly like a brick oven-baked pan pizza, but it sure beats the taste of canned beans.

Camping Idea #2: Don't forget your own survival pack

A survival pack will ensure that you are safe throughout your entire camping trip. Bring your necessities such as medicine; an insect repellent; enough supply of drinking water; a first aid kit (should include a multi-purpose balm or ointment that can soothe bruises, cuts, and insect bites); gloves; a light stick or a flashlight; matches or a lighter in case your battery drains; and other essentials that can add to your safety and comfort. Camp out like a girl or boy scout and you will be safer than sorry in your camping trips.

Camping Idea #3: Roll your clothes to save space

This creative packing idea simply makes your life easier as it enables you to bring more stuff to your trips. Just make sure that you don't bring excessive clothes, so they won't burst your bag's zipper.

Camping Idea #4: Store your eggs in a bottle

Crack your eggs at home and pour them into a plastic bottle. This saves you from the mess of cracking them at the camping site or from them cracking accidentally. It also makes them easy to keep in a cooler.

Camping Idea #5: Hang a cupboard inside your tent

Yes, you can have a kitchen cabinet right inside your hut or tent. A hanging cupboard allows you to store pantry goodies and kitchen utensils. It's very easy to set up. Just hang it under the rooftop of your tent and it's good to go!

Camping Idea #6: Create a soft light

Add a soft light to your tent at bedtime by placing a water-filled jug near your head lamp. It's very kid-friendly as it will not make your tent look spooky.

Camping Idea #7: Bring some dark, solar-powered twinkle lights

Using solar-powered twinkle lights is another great idea for kids who are not too keen on sleeping in the dark. Christmas lights will also do the trick. Just make sure to hang them on specific sides of the tent and not over their beds. They might loosen and end up getting tangled with the blankets.

Camping Idea #8: Keep insects away from your shoes by putting them in a basket

No camper is fond of insects, but they are some of the unavoidable nuisances one has to deal with in the outdoors. They can be very annoying to deal with when they crawl on your skin or inside your sleeping bag, but preventing them from getting inside your shoes can be easy-peasy. Storing your camping shoes (or any regular shoes for that matter) in a basket will keep different types of insects from staying in them. You don't want to spend the whole night swatting or shooing the insects away from your footwear, so don't forget to bring some baskets in your next camping trip.

Camping Idea #9: Bring ready-made pancake batter for your breakfast

Breakfast preparation doesn't have to be tedious when you're out camping, but you can still enjoy a delicious breakfast. Before you leave the house, prepare the pancake batter and place them in piping bags, then seal the open end. When you're ready to cook them, just snip off the pointed end, and place the batter in the pan to cook. You will need a cooler in which to store them if you're not going to cook them yet. However, if you don't have one, then it's best to cook the pancakes on the first day.

Camping Idea #10: Use a yoga mat as cushion

This hack will make your camping stay more comfortable and will also lighten your camping load. It will make you feel as if you were really lying on a cushion. The yoga mat will serve as a substitute for your typical camping foam, air bed, and other types of cushion. ci3 Try these ideas on your next camping trip, and perhaps they'll make your trip even more fun and enjoyable. Just make sure that your camping site is safe and is one that allows you to create the most unforgettable camping memories with your loved ones. If you're looking for the best camping supplies or camping essentials, then you will want to go to the best online camping store. Head to Outbax today and browse through their wide range of camping products.