Best Blue Mountains Camping Spots

Best Blue Mountains Camping Spots

Camping in the Blue Mountains is a terrific way to enjoy the great outdoors. The Blue Mountains is a particularly nice place to visit during autumn and winter because of the wonderful golden foliage and early misty mornings. This mountainous region offers a variety of beautiful campsites to explore, and here are some of the best:

Euroka, Glenbrook

Euroka is a volcanic neck with native shrubs and trees scattered among grassy areas. You can walk to the Nepean River from Euroka. If you choose to camp here, you'll need a camping permit and to pay camping fees. It's also important to make a booking at least two weeks before your visit. You can call Bowmans Cottage in Richmond from Monday to Friday at 9am to 4pm. There are pit toilets in the area, and don't forget to bring your own water to drink, as well as a fuel stove for cooking.

Perry's Lookdown, Blackheath

There are five campsites at Perry's Lookdown on the edge of Grose Valley. Campfires aren't allowed, however, and vehicle access is restricted, so you can only walk in the campgrounds. Like the other campsites, there are pit toilets but you'll need to bring drinking water and a fuel stove.

Newnes, Wolgan Valley

Newnes is located in the beautiful Wolgan Valley, where a remnant of the oil shale industry remains. The view of Wolgan Valley and the sandstone cliffs are spectacular. The valley floor has several picnic areas for the family to eat and hang out along the Wolgan River. You can fish in the river, but make sure to check out the Newnes Kiosk first, which is the former Newnes Hotel. You can also go bushwalking around Newnes or take a guided tour with Lithgow City Cabs. Little Capertee, which is situated 400m from the hotel, provides car-based campsites that are pleasantly grassy. There's also a pit toilet. There are more camping spots on the other side of the Wolgan River. Campsite allocations are served on a first-come basis as there's no booking system in place, but the good news is that camping at Newnes is free. Bring firewood or a gas/fuel stove and your own drinking water. If you want to use water from the river to cook your food or to drink with, then make sure to boil it for at least three minutes first. Most importantly, don't use generators and chainsaws in the campgrounds, and don't bring your pets or firearms either.

Murphy's Glen, Woodford

Murphy's Glen is a secluded place in a volcanic neck. A forest with tall eucalyptus, turpentine and angophora trees surround the glen. You can take a short walk to Bedford Creek across a few steep mountain trails and then through a rainforest. Pit toilets are available, and you should also bring a fuel stove and drinking water.

Ingar, Wentworth Falls

In Ingar, there are scribbly gum trees, as well as a small dam and creek. Pit toilets are also available in the area. And just like the other camping spots, bring along your own water for drinking and a fuel stove to cook your food. Don't litter either and take your rubbish home.

The Blue Mountains National Park

The national park is a beautiful place with a calm atmosphere. It also has spectacular views of mountain scenery like the Three Sisters, which is a sandstone rock formation and popular among tourists and locals alike. You can take part in different kinds of outdoor activities while you're out camping here, including rock climbing, canyoning and mountain biking. You can also enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature by going on bushwalks to waterfalls and hidden glens. With the best camping spots picked out for you, all you have to do now is choose your destination and then plan and prepare for your trip. The Blue Mountains has some of the best camping in Australia so it's sure to leave you with an unforgettable experience.

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