Are Inflatable Spas Any Good?

Are Inflatable Spas Any Good?

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While there are many good things to be said about buying an inflatable spa, there are also a few drawbacks. And if you're considering on making a small investment in getting one for your home, it is always best to be well informed.

So are inflatable spas any good? We dive into the good and not-so-good aspects of inflatable spas to help you answer that question.

The Good

Super Portable You CAN take your inflatable spa with you anywhere. It comes in a box that's not much larger than your microwave. It's super compact and comes with a bag and handle to carry with you outdoors. Try doing that with a hot tub.

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Easy Set-Up Inflatable spas come with built-in air blower, so inflating it is easy. Afterwards, you just drop a hose in the tub and it fills up in less than an hour. Then you just plug it in an outlet, cover the spa and turn up the heater.

Durable Inflatable spas are sturdy. Once inflated, it becomes rigid and very difficult to move. The I-beam construction provides ample support to the walls and reinforced vinyl is used to make the entire spa resistant to scrapes.

Easy to Use An inflatable spa is designed to be user-friendly. Everything you need to set it up is inside the box. The air pump, heater, filter, massage, etc. are controlled using a digital panel. You just need to push a button.

Comes with Spa Covers Spa covers are important not just to keep the water hot. Locking spa covers are important safety features especially if you have young children running around your backyard.

Cool Accessories Easily Available While accessories need to be bought separately, inflatable benches, snack and drink holders and shelters make it easy to get the full spa treatment you want.

The Bad

Not THAT Spacious Well, not as spacious as the photos in the ADs. It does not matter what brand you buy - those are models you're looking at and they got paid to look happy and mask the discomfort of sharing an inflatable spa with strangers (albeit good looking ones).

Point is, a 4-person spa is really comfortable enough for only two adults to sit in. So you might want to think about getting a larger one if you're planning a spa party with friends anytime soon. Also, max water depth is only about 2 feet for most inflatable spa models. Not much depth for soaking.

Slow Heating Because the heating system on inflatable spas is smaller than traditional hot tubs, it takes longer for the water to heat up. Also, you're likely to use it outdoors, which adds to the heating time. This is why it's advised to use spa covers before firing up the heater.

Limited Installation Options Despite it being portable, you can only set up inflatable spas on level surfaces at ground level. This means you cannot and should not set it up on rooftops, balconies or on your home's second level rooms.

Keep in mind that inflatable spas, once filled with water and have people sitting in them, can weigh more than 1,000 kgs (up to 2,500 lbs).

Pro Tips in Using and Maintaining Inflatable Spas

  1. Do not overfill your inflatable spa. Putting in too much water adds to the weight and you're just going to spill water all over the place anyway, when you get in and get out of the spa.

  2. Don't sit on the spa's sidewalls. Yes, the spa is sturdy but sitting on the sidewalls puts unnecessary strain on the overall structure. Also, you risk slipping and falling headfirst into the water. Get an inflatable bench that you can attach to the spa's side rather than sitting on the sidewall.

  1. Save time heating by filling your inflatable spa with hot water from a utility sink. The faster you can soak in warm water and bubbles, the better. If not, make sure that you use the spa cover when running the heater.

  2. Again, 4 Person Spas are comfortable enough for only 2 Adults. Always choose a larger capacity spa when choosing models. So, if you want inflatable spas that can comfortably fit up to four adults, we suggest going for the 6 to 8 person models.

  3. Make sure that the spa is completely dry before you deflate it and put it inside its carry bag for storage or transport.

  4. Change the water at least twice a month, so it won't get funky. Run the water filter at least once a day. Only buy spa accessories from the manufacturer or the website you ordered the spa from.

  5. While inflatable spas come with locking covers, try placing a heavy plywood sheet over the top cover to further discourage young children from getting into the tub.

  6. Vinyl used for inflatable spas are recyclable. You can check with your local trash management service for more information on proper disposal of old or damaged (beyond repair) spas.

Final Thoughts

Having your own spa at home has many physical and mental benefits. It's a great way to unwind and ease body aches. Sharing it with friends or family is also a great way to bond. Buying an inflatable spa is a more practical approach than installing a traditional hot tub in your home.

But like every other product, inflatable spas aren't perfect. The only question is does the good aspects we listed here matter more to you than the drawbacks? If we haven't scared you away from getting one and you agree that inflatable spas provide more good, check out spa selections from companies like Outbax and tell us what you decided to get for your home.

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