8 DIY Remedies for Your Blow Up Mattress

8 DIY Remedies for Your Blow Up Mattress

8 DIY Remedies for Your Blow Up Mattress Consecutive sleepless nights will make you feel irritated and tired the following day, and it can also affect your general health. Aside from feeling annoyed, lack of sleep will make you susceptible to health risks. A good blow up mattress is important for your overall health, together with proper nutrition and exercise. Having an uncomfortable, bulging, and sagging air mattress will hinder you from enjoying a comfortable rest.

Having a sturdy and comfortable mattress is essential to having a good night's sleep. If you are experiencing sleepless nights because of problems with your inflatable, you need to do some adjustments to it. Here, you will find simple remedies to fix these issues right in the comfort of your home or even whilst you're camping.

Finding the Right Solution

If you've been using your blow up mattress for a long time, problems would eventually occur. It's important to fix problems with your air beds as soon as you spot them, before they get worse. Here are the 8 DIY remedies for your blow up mattress:

1. Remove bubbles from your air mattress

As the seams aren't strong enough on some mattresses, blowing too much air in it is one of the main causes of bulge and bubble formation, especially when the seams are overly-stretched from too much inflation. Get rid of those bubbles by doing these easy steps: - Place your hand on your air bed at the top of the bubble and carefully apply pressure. Push down on the bubbles and try to pop them. - Unscrew the nozzle and release some air from the air mattress. Continue pressing down on the bubble until it's gone. If the bubble is not close to the nozzle, ask someone to help you unscrew the nozzle. - Grab the air pump and add more air into the air bed. Keep on filling the blow up mattress until the air bed is full and firm to touch. - Tighten the nozzle and seal your blow up mattress.

2. Fix the bulge on your air mattress

If you are sleeping on the same spot every night, the pressure from your body pushes your air bed and creates a form or bulge on the air mattress. Hide these bulging areas to make your air mattress comfortable again.

Flip your mattress

By flipping the mattress once a month, you are changing the position where your body sleeps. If you flip your air bed over, it will prevent your body from forming in the blow up mattress and stop it from getting a bulge.

Use a mattress topper

Placing a mattress topper on the top of your blow up mattress prevents the micro filling from spreading. It also evenly distributes your weight, which stops your air bed from forming a bulge.

3. Plug the leak on your air mattress

Do you have a leaky air mattress? Don't throw the whole thing away. Fix your leaky mattress by doing these simple DIY remedies that will take you 10 minutes at max. Find the leak Searching for leaks can be challenging, as some of them are very small and aren't visible to the naked eye. To locate the leaks, inflate your blow up mattress again. Listen and feel for bursts of air. If this didn't work, try the following: Apply dish soap. Mix the dish soap with warm water and apply it on the surface using a rag or a spray bottle. You will see if there's a leak when bubbles start to form on an area where you applied the dish soap. Flip your air mattress. Most air bed leaks are located under the blow up mattress because of contact with sharp objects. Try locating it by letting your air mattress stand against the wall, press on it, and carefully feel and listen for escaping air and a hissing sound. Use a hose. This method includes spraying the surface and valves of the air bed. However, only low water pressure is recommended because high water pressure will only make it harder for you to see the bubbles. It will also cause damage to your air bed. As with the dish method, you will notice the bubbles coming out when you spray water in low pressure. Cover the leak After you've successfully located the leaks, make sure to mark them so you will not lose track of them. Deflate your blow up mattress and use sandpaper to wipe away the fabric until you reach the rubber surface. Make sure that you dry your mattress completely before doing any one of these alternative methods: Gum and duct tape. All you have to do is get a bubble gum, chew it, and apply it into the hole. Grab your duct tape and cover the gum to reinforce it. This method will take you less than two minutes to do. And there you go, you will no longer have a leak on your mattress. Hot glue. This method requires a low temperature glue gun. Apply the hot glue on the hole and let it dry. Use the provided patch kit. If your blow up mattress comes with a patching kit, use it. Pick a bigger patch and cut it round. A circular patch would work well, as round patches are less likely not to curl around the edge unlike the rectangular patch. Use a bicycle repair kit. If there is no patch kit provided for your air mattress, you may want to purchase a bicycle kit. The kit is suitable for fixing an air bed and the steps are pretty much the same when fixing a punctured tire. Use candle wax and duct tape. Light a candle and let the wax drop on the leaked area. When it's finally dry, you can then cover it with a duct tape.

4. Fix your sagging air mattress

If you're tired of lying on a sagging air mattress, try fixing the problem by topping it with a mattress topper. 8 DIY Remedies for Your Blow Up Mattress 2

5. Repair the tear on your mattress

To fix a tear on your air mattress, you may use a liquid sealer, a patch, a bonding material, or tape. a) First, boil water together with your bonding material for over three minutes. Make sure that the torn area is dry and clean. b) Lay your air bed on the ground and open the valve. You are doing this to make sure that your air bed is absolutely deflated when you fix the tear. c) Cut a patch in your blow up mattress through the hole, and drain the remaining water inside. d) Get the bonding material you made earlier and make a few drops on the torn part of your air bed. e) Coat the hole with a patch, and glue it is using the adhesive bonding. Make sure that the hole is entirely covered by the patch. f) Grab a plastic bag and then cover the patch. g) Put the hot water on top of the patch, to enable its proper adherence. h) Let it dry the whole night to make sure that the torn part has been closed and sealed. i) You can now deflate your mattress.

6. Keep your air mattress from deflating

Air beds deflate because of the pressure and temperature the mattress was subjected to. Bouncing and jumping on the air mattress can cause deflation, particularly if you have kids living with you. To prevent your air mattress from deflating, try these simple DIY remedies:

Use a portable heater

Temperature change can contribute to your air bed's deflation. This is pretty normal, and your air mattress is not to blame. You will lose a little air from your blow up mattress whenever the temperature in your room changes. Try to reduce the temperature changes by placing a portable heater next to your mattress. This will prevent it from getting cold and would stop it from deflating.

Don't ignore the capacity of your air mattress

Each air bed has a maximum weight capacity, and you can find it on the manual or other papers included with your air mattress when you purchased it. If you cannot find the weight capacity of your mattress, contact the manufacturer. Make sure not to overload your air mattress, as you don't want to wake up in a deflated air bed. If you are going to camp, inflate your air mattress without putting any weight on it. Leave it for two to three days before going on a camping trip. Whilst camping, make sure that you place your air bed on a spot without any sharp objects to avoid leaks. Getting a waterproof bamboo mattress protector is essential to keeping your air bed in good condition. It's antibacterial and it will protect your mattress from spills, sweat, and others. It also prevents bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your mattress.

7. Make a DIY air mattress plug

Inflating your air mattress can be a challenging task. For your convenience, all mattresses include a plug that is inserted into the air hole to prevent it from leaking. If, by any chance, you have misplaced your air bed's plug, this will make it useless. The good thing is that you no longer have to toss your mattress away because you can now make your own air mattress plug. You can also save yourself the hassle of searching for air bed plugs in the market. Create your air bed's new wooden plug by following these simple instructions: First, gather all the materials needed: a carving knife, stick, and a duct tape. Grab a stick that's big enough to fit the plug, and turn the end of the wood into a cone shape. a) Cut the sharp end of the stick and make it round, as the sharp end can be dangerous when inserting the stick inside your air mattress. b) Wrap the stick with a few layers of duct tape. c) Test the plug by inserting it carefully inside the hole. The stick should go in smoothly and have a tight fit. If it doesn't fit perfectly, remove the wooden plug and reshape it. d) Inflate your air bed and insert the wooden plug quickly. e) Wrap the duct tape over the end of the plug. This will stop your wooden plug from popping out. You can also use old kitchenware lids that you no longer use, especially if they fit into your air bed. Lids of condiment and spice containers can work as well.

8. Inflate your air bed without a pump

If you don't have an air pump or if you lost it, you can inflate your air mattress by using a trash bag. Do these simple steps: a) Grab a huge trash bag. Because a huge garbage bag is thick and can hold a lot of air, it can work well in this method. b) Blow air and trap the air inside the trash bag, then close the top using your hand. c) Slightly loosen your hand to create a small hole. d) Open the air bed valve and insert it inside the garbage bag's hole. e) Push all of the air out and into the air bed. f) Repeat the method until your air mattress is firm and fully inflated.

An Air Mattress You Can Count On

If you are tired of constantly fixing your air bed, getting a high quality blow up mattress is what you need. It will stay firm and will last for many years. It will save you dollars from buying new ones as well. If you are looking for a quality and durable air mattress, Outbax has what you need. Aside from high-quality mattresses and inflatables, we also provide the best camping gear and water accessories that you can count on for years. Outbax offers free shipping, with special 60-day return, and a 24-hour dispatch guarantee. For a hassle-free shopping experience, visit Outbax today and find the blow up mattress that meets your needs.

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