5 Items to Make Your Camping or Caravan Trip Feel Like Home

5 Items to Make Your Camping or Caravan Trip Feel Like Home

Let's face it - camping is not for everyone. For some, the idea of being out in the styx with no running hot water and far from the nearest latte is just too much. With some gentle persuasion and some handy tools, however, camping can be an enjoyable experience that includes all the luxuries of home.

Form and function don't have to be at odds when away from home and out in the great outdoors. Campsites can be stylish, convenient and lots of fun and the more tools you have, the quicker set up is and the more time you can spend on relaxation.

What you need for creating a home away from home

Tent and lodging:

A tent should be functional and large enough to hold everybody comfortably. It should be fast and easy to assemble and when possible, look for integrated poles and snap up designs that make setting up a tent an easy process for even the most novice of campers. For a softer sleep, include an inflatable mattress and warm covering.


If you don't like the idea of eating off the ground, include a fold up table and chairs in your equipment. Set them up around a fire pit, which creates a luxurious focal point that will have you feeling warm and cosy.

Power and light:

You need more than just the stars to comfortably be guided at night, so you'll need to work out some lighting for your campsite. New battery powered LED lanterns are a safer option than traditional gas options and throw out a lot of light. LED strip lights make creating paths and lighting easy, with an adhesive back that can be stuck just about anywhere.

Cooking facilities:

There is no reason why you can't cook gourmet in the wilderness, with camp stoves and multi-use collapsible gadgets making life in the kitchen easy. The Cramer 3 Burner Cook Top Gas Camping Kitchen works great for caravans and the Alpha Electric Marine 3 In 1 BBQ Stove Top Oven is the ultimate cooking tool, ideal for creating meals just as you would at home. Its removable BBQ plate makes cleaning easy and its baffled air intake reduces chance of gas BBQ blowing out in strong winds. Another must is the Waeco CF-40 Portable Fridge Freezer, which has an easy to use operating panel complete with digital display and a quick chill function that reaches a preset temperature in minutes. It won the title of Best Compact Fridge by Australian 4WD Monthly magazine.

Cleaning facilities:

When it comes to washing dishes and disposing waste, The Dometic Cramer Waste and Rinsing Bin makes cleaning up a breeze. Made from hard-wearing material and an integrated heat-resistant safety glass lid, the removable bin has a capacity of two litres. For keeping yourself clean, a nice hot shower is a must. The 20 Litre Solar-Pro Shower by Bestway is both compact and easy to use and is capable of heating up to 20 litres of water for multiple showers. Featuring a reinforced handle, it's easy to hang and transport, meaning you can stay fresh and clean wherever you go. As for going to the toilet, the SaniPottie Portable toilet is one of the most popular portable toilets on the market, being ideal for not just camping, but for boats, trucks, potty training and work sites. It's a compact tank that offers lots of capacity, is lightweight (less than 6kg) and is made of high-density polyethylene, suitable for both kids and adults. So you see, camping doesn't have to mean you're deprived of your everyday luxuries. Camping can be as luxurious as you want it to be and can be enjoyed by all.

Australia's best supplier for camping gears

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