36 Water Sports Accessories to Ensure Your Safety Whilst Having Fun

36 Water Sports Accessories to Ensure Your Safety Whilst Having Fun

36 Water Sports Accessories to Ensure Your Safety Whilst Having Fun Having fun in the limitless water is absolutely one of the most exciting sports both active kids and responsible adults can experience, especially in the broad array of pleasant surroundings such as the boundless ocean, beautiful lakes, gorgeous beaches, pristine rivers, and flowing streams. It's also good for your well-being. It particularly enhances your mental health and can improve your bone density. It can also lower your potential risk for chronic diseases and is equally beneficial if you are suffering from arthritis.

Moreover, water sports such as surfing, water skiing, and scuba diving can be extremely fun. However, all of these excellent sports can be dangerous and risky. In this regard, It's important to ensure your safety and to always bring all the right water sports accessories with you before going on an extraordinary adventure. Because your security comes first, here is the list of 36 water sports accessories to ensure your safety whilst having fun.

Water Sports Accessory #1: Protective eye wear

It's necessary to bring protective eye wear with you in order for you to shield or secure your eyes from any injuries. You can get a protective eye wear like goggles and eye guards as well as safety shields. There is also a full-face mask shield available in the market if you prefer full-face protection.

Water Sports Accessory #2: Safety helmet

Bringing safety helmets is important to secure your head from any possible injuries that may lead to concussion or brain damage. You cannot assure that you will always fall on a soft surface. With that, safety should always be your priority.

Water Sports Accessory #3: Life jacket

Wearing a life jacket is extremely important, mainly because it can aid you to stay afloat and keeps you from drowning. Most importantly, it prevents you from dying. Even if you know how to swim, it's still necessary for you to wear a life jacket, especially if the weather is unpleasant and the winds are strong. A life jacket is a life saver.

Water Sports Accessory #4: Inflatable

For a fun and safe adventure, you can bring an inflatable with you such as an inflatable stand up paddle board, inflatable spa, or others. Inflatables are helpful and affordable. They are also secure and will keep you from drowning. They can last for years and are easy to use. They're equally great for travelling and can be taken anywhere when deflated.

Water Sports Accessory #5: First Aid Kit

Never forget to keep a first aid kit with you to protect you from any unexpected incidents. The first-aid kit includes medicines like antibiotics. You also have to bring bandages, wipes, soap, adhesive tape, sterile gauze pads, safety pins, sharp scissors, tweezers, and others.

Water Sports Accessory #6: Repair kit

Always bring a repair kit with you, especially if you have a private boat. This is necessary to repair any possible malfunctions you might encounter along the way.

Water Sports Accessory #7: Protective clothing

Before you dive deep into the water, you have to make sure that you're wearing protective clothing. This is to protect your body and skin from any hazardous substance.

Water Sports Accessory #8: Ear protector

It's important to wear ear plugs, especially if you spend a lot of time surfing. Bringing an ear protector prevents you from getting surfer's ear, which is an ear disorder.

Water Sports Accessory #9: A pair of safety gloves

Wearing safety gloves is important to avoid contact with any dangerous substance in the ocean. They prevent you from getting hurt by sharp objects under water or by bites and stings from any sea creatures.

Water Sports Accessory #10: A pair of water shoes

Another safety accessory to include in your list is water shoes or protective shoes. A pair shields your feet underwater particularly from sharp rocks and zebra mussels, which are a threat to swimmers. it's also important that you wear them on a slick surface. They keep your feet warm, and with them, you no longer have to worry about getting something in your feet.

Water Sports Accessory #11: Diving torch

If you love scuba diving, a diving torch is a must-have in your list, as it can provide light especially at night. However, a lot of divers still don't include it as a safety accessory.

Water Sports Accessory #12: Snap light

This accessory is also important to have for a safe scuba diving experience, particularly if you are leading your team under water. The shine of the light attached to your scuba tank will help your team determine where you are.

Water Sports Accessory #13: Cutting tool

A cutting tool such as a knife might sound dangerous because it's sharp, and there's the possibility of accidentally stabbing yourself. This knife, however, will help you free yourself from entanglements, especially if you are at the bottom of the ocean. Always remember to store it somewhere safe in order for you to prevent unlikely things from happening. Like many scuba divers, you may also keep it in your BCD pocket.

Water Sports Accessory #14: Buoyancy control device (BCD)

This is one of the most important accessories that a scuba diver should have. This device will enable you to inhale less air. It also conserves energy, which is extremely important especially if you will go for a deeper dive.

Water Sports Accessory #15: Snorkel

If you are a scuba diver, this item is one of the most important things to include in your list. A snorkel makes it easier for you to breathe without lifting your head out of the water. You can also use it to breathe without using up your scuba tank.

Water Sports Accessory #16: Life raft

If you are planning to go sailing, always make sure that you bring a life raft with you, for yourself and your family's safety. Additionally, you always have to prepare so that you can support yourself and your family against any possible danger that may occur.

Water Sports Accessory #17: Flotation bag

If you are going on a kayaking or canoeing trip, then bringing a flotation bag with you can prevent your kayak or canoe from sinking. It can also keep your boat riding high over rocks and prevent it from swamping.

Water Sports Accessory #18: Signal sounding device

A signal sounding device is essential in alerting other people about possible upcoming dangers. Devices such as whistles and horns can also be used as an emergency signal.

Water Sports Accessory #19: Navigation light

Having a navigation light can help others identify your boat, which can prevent collision. It's necessary to display it and to turn it on during the night.

Water Sports Accessory #20: Spare paddle

Every boat must possess a spare paddle, and it should be stored in an accessible place so that you can easily find it when there's an emergency.

Water Sports Accessory #21: Flare

Wherever you are, flares are always identified as a distress signal. It's also important to have it in case of emergency. There are small flares available in the market that could fit in your pocket, as well as smoke flares that work well and look very visible during the day.

Water Sports Accessory #22: Sun protection

Sunscreen is necessary for you to protect your skin from the sun. Too much sun exposure can lead to skin problems such as sun burn and skin cancer. Make sure that you bring sunscreen with you and to apply it before heading out to the water. You can also bring a hat and sun glasses.

Water Sports Accessory #23: Lighter or Match

In case of emergency, you might need something to start a fire in order for you to feel warm, as well as for other reasons. However, make sure that you keep your match or lighter from getting wet by placing it in a waterproof bag.

Water Sports Accessory #24: Extra clothes

Always bring extra clothes with you because it's nearly impossible for you to stay dry, especially since you're heading out for an adventure in the water.

Water Sports Accessory #25: Container

Having a container whilst embarking on a water adventure is necessary to keep your valuables from getting wet.

Water Sports Accessory #26: Water-proof bag

If you don't like containers, you can count on water-proof bags instead. It's great for safe keeping your valuables. It's also easier to carry than containers, and you can organize your gears inside.

Water Sports Accessory #27: Extra ropes

In case of emergency, ropes can help you and your family stay afloat together. Tying it around each of your inflatables makes it easier to keep your family around you.

Water Sports Accessory #28: Extra batteries

In case your flashlight or other power-reliant accessories run out of energy, extra batteries can be a life saver.

Water Sports Accessory #29: Throw bag

It's also necessary to bring a throw bag with you especially if you will go kayaking. A throw bag is safety equipment and is used to rescue a person, particularly after their canoe or kayak capsizes.

Water Sports Accessory #30: Impact vest

An impact vest is necessary as it supplies protection in your trunk area. It also lets you stay afloat. This is essential if you will go kite boarding.

Water Sports Accessory #31: GPS

Bringing a GPS with you is essential, particularly if you are sailing. A GPS can be used to determine where you are and can measure the nearest secure distance, helping you pass the reefs, rocks, sand bars, or mudflats. It additionally tracks speed.

Water Sports Accessory #32: A pair of fins

If you will go diving underwater, you should always wear fins, especially when snorkeling. It also makes kicking underwater easier and does not require so much energy. It also secures your feet.

Water Sports Accessory #33: Dive computer

This device is essential most especially to divers. It tracks how deep you are and your dive times, as well as your improvements and training. It also monitors your heart rate. You just have to make sure that you pick a dive computer that has a long battery life, so that it can last for a long period of time. You should also choose one that does not have a lot of functions, especially if you are a beginner.

Water Sports Accessory #34: Surface marker buoy or delayed surface marker buoy

If you are a diver, this device is extremely important in order for you to be seen and found underwater, marking the spot that you're currently in. In fact, this device warns all the incoming boats so that you wouldn't be hit, thereby avoiding any horrible accidents.

Water Sports Accessory #35: Fire extinguisher

If you own a boat, it is always required of you to have a fire extinguisher. To avoid a huge fire incident, it should be carried in a place where you can easily find it.

Water Sports Accessory #36: Paddle float

If you will go kayaking, a paddle float is a must-bring equipment for your own safety. It is an inflatable bag, which you can use as a safe rescue accessory. Since it is inflatable, it is simple and extremely easy to store at the back of your kayak when it is deflated.

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