17 Luxe Design Ideas for Your Blow Up Spa

17 Luxe Design Ideas for Your Blow Up Spa

Do you enjoy a long soak in an inflatable spa? It's such a relaxing feeling, as the soothing warm water loosens up your tensed muscles and melts away the stress within minutes. Whilst inflatable hot tubs are trendy, they come with some aesthetic restrictions. Don't blow-up spas remind you of inflatable kids pool? Is it messing up the ambiance in your backyard? If that is the case, here are 17 luxe design ideas to spruce up your inflatable hot tub so it looks better on your property.

1. Consider the placement of your blow up spa properly

Survey your backyard and look at the walls and railings. Can you set up your hot tub near these areas? As much as possible, consider using existing walls and other structures to hide some sides of your basic looking inflatable spa, as leaving all sides open will make your hot tub look like it was just plopped on the yard like a kiddie pool. Think about how long you plan to use your inflatable spa. Will you deflate and drain it to keep in storage during the winter season? If so, make sure that the space where you set it up won't look too empty or void of designs and decorations if your inflatable is in storage. It is important to consider the space very well because much of the luxe design ideas you can create around it will involve a bigger area.

2. Set up a garden tent above your spa

A garden tent that looks like a parasol or canopy will allow you to use your inflatable spa even when it is scorching hot outside or if there is a threat of rain showers. This structure will not just protect you from the elements. You can use the tent as a springboard for adding more luxe decorations to make the hot tub area a lot more inviting and appealing. Ikea Australia has a good selection of parasols, but you can also look at the choices in your favourite department stores such as Myers, David Jones, Kmart, and Target.

3. Put decorative lights above your tent

Tie up some decorative lights above and around the poles of your tent. Light them up when you use your blow-up spa at night. It will create a romantic ambiance and set the mood for your relaxation time. It's as if you're soaking under the stars as the lights sparkle. However, don't put up colourful blinking lights if you're going for a luxurious appeal. Stick to steady white fairy lights because these shine brighter and look classier.

4. Go with lanterns

If you don't like to use strings of lights, you might want to go with lanterns instead. Surround your hot tub area with these colourful lighting fixtures to lend a rustic appeal to the backyard space. You can even choose different designs for the lanterns to reflect your personal taste, or you might want to go all out and use the string lights and lanterns together. Some lanterns come in steady coloured lights like red, yellow, green, and blue. If you want to go with a theme, how about using one colour for each set, such as blue for the lanterns and white for the string lights? The more coordinated your decorative lights are, the more luxurious this spa space will look.

5. Add some extra seating next to your spa

After decking some lights around the tent, why not add a couple of outdoor chairs at the sides of your inflatable spa? This will create a seating corner that will make this outdoor space more functional. To improve the space, add throw pillows covered with weatherproof fabric on the seats for a nice decorative touch. You can find some of the best patio or outdoor furniture in Australia at stores like Segals, Outdoor Elegance, Outdoor Living, and The Australian Garden Furniture Co.

6. Put some potted plants

Whilst inflatable spas are for outdoor use, you may want to have more greens, too. Consider lining up some potted plants around the hot tub so that the space looks more presentable. Use taller plants if you want to bring more privacy to this special backyard area. The greens will also make the space around your blow-up spa a lot cooler, especially if you have the leafy or bushy plants that fan a gentle breeze when you're soaking during a hot summer day. When you don't have the inflatable spa set up, you can choose to line up the potted plants on the backyard wall.

7. Add colourful buntings on the walls around your hot tub

Would you like a backyard that looks like a tropical paradise? Then decorate the walls behind your hot tub with colourful buntings. This festive ornament is made up of bright and vibrant cut-out triangular flags that have been strung together. You can easily find buntings at home stores or party favour sections of any large chain. You can also choose to make your own. Buntings are made of different materials, but as the air around your spa can be moist and wet, it is best to use fabric or plastic buntings than paper or cardboard ones. To enhance its appeal, hang the buntings next to the string of lights you have already set up.

8. Set up a wooden gazebo or pergola

If you have the budget for it, replace the tent with a wooden gazebo or pergola. Unlike tents, these structures are more flexible, as they come with different designs and features that may also reflect your taste. Talk to a capable carpenter or contractor who can install your gazebo, if you can't do this as a DIY project with your family. You also have the option to set it up using a gazebo and pergola kit that has been pre-cut at hardware stores. All you have to do is put the structure together. Whilst gazebos are permanent, inflatables are not. So, what do you do with the space if you are not using the hot tub? You can use the gazebo as an outdoor seating or dining area.

9. Line up some flowers

Nothing makes a space prettier than flowers, but for an elegant ambiance, specifically grow white flowers in the area where you've set up your inflatable spa. White is such a classic colour. Can you imagine seeing a row of African Lilies, White Carnations, or Gardenia when you're in your hot tub? You can also put white flowers in clear vases to temporarily spruce up the area around the tub. You may want to choose flowers carefully, as some types can thrive better in a cooler atmosphere, whilst others like a humid environment.

10. Cover the tub with a wooden enclosure

Hide the ugly texture of an inflatable spa with a wooden enclosure. As the tub isn't permanent, the wooden enclosure should be removable as well. If you have the budget and the space, plan out a wooden enclosure that may extend and tie up to your backyard porch, if you have one. This way, you have a bigger space to use for parties and gatherings.

11. Put a privacy screen

Privacy screens offer an airy enclosure that protects you from the elements whilst giving you accessibility to the spa, regardless of the season. Privacy screens may also serve as sidewalls, which you can decorate with lights, buntings, flowers, or plants.

12. Hang some curtains

You can soften the ambiance of your outdoor spa by hanging light and airy curtains all around the tent, gazebo, or pergola structure. Curtains add another layer of privacy, as you can leave it lowered or closed, especially if you're planning a romantic evening with your partner. The curtains also provide much relief during sunny days as the fabric can block the light from seeping through your spa.

13. Add decorative crystals

Crystals are popular New Age tools that heal the chakras and boot the bad aura in your surroundings. In recent times, crystals have also become a luxury decorative element for the house, and you can use the same decoration to improve the design around your inflatable spa. Hang some crystals at the sides of your blow-up spa, or set it up around your tent or gazebo, as well as on the walls. You can buy hanging crystals at home and specialty stores or shop from online vendors. These come in different colours and sizes, and they're not expensive to collect.

14. Bring in the mood music

These days, it's convenient to have some music outdoors even without a dedicated power outlet. There are portable or wireless gadgets, Bluetooth-ready speakers, as well as specialty hot tub speakers, which you can set up or mount to blast your favourite songs. Bringing mood music to your backyard spa can make weekend afternoons fun and romantic. You will get to enjoy a luxurious experience with this perfect addition to your outdoor hideaway.

15. Use a solarium structure

Solariums are glass structures that can be assembled, taken down, and moved to another part of your backyard as you see fit. It is built sturdy to withstand any changes in the season. Whilst solariums are typically used for gardens, especially in the winter, you may also use them to create a luxurious space where you can enjoy your inflatable spa. Because solariums have wide glass windows, you will essentially be able to enjoy the outdoors even when you're technically inside a structure. When you don't need the inflatable spa, you can use the solarium as an actual garden, a she-shed, or a man cave.

16. Place a trellis over your tub

A trellis supports plants that grow as vines and would make a perfect fit for your outdoor spa. With this structure, you can have your calming greens. You can also have your pretty and heavily scented blooms. You're protected from the hot sun as you soak in the water. You're literally under nice and healthy vegetation. When you're surrounded with nature, you can relax even better and enjoy the comforts of your inflatable tub.

17. Set up the entertainment area

Once you've got the gazebo structure, the temporary wooden structure, the extend deck, and a seating corner in your hot tube area, you now have a nice and cosy space for entertainment and social interactions. To maximise the use of the space, you might even want to add a bar, a barbecue, and a dart board game area. You may also set up a hammock next to the seats if there's still more space in your backyard.

Inflatable Spa Pros and Cons

Inflatable spas are more popular in Australia compared to built-in hot tubs because of their affordability, high quality, and portability. To enjoy their full features, you have to simply blow them up, deflate them, and pack them up in case you need to move them to a different part of your backyard. Setting up an inflatable spa is also easy to follow, if you read the instructions from the manual carefully. You won't have to pay for the services of a plumber or an electrician when you want to use the tub. With research and technological advancements, the quality, design, and structure of inflatable tubs have improved over the last ten years; hence, they are expected to last many years despite repeated use, inflation, and deflation. Inflatable spas have some disadvantages. The water cools down quicker than in built-in tubs because the water jets aren't as strong and powerful; hence, you won't likely enjoy a warm soak longer. When you move your inflatable tub around, you have to contend with the laborious set up of inflating, filling, draining, and deflating. This is perhaps why some homeowners are hesitant to embellish their inflatable spas. However, the affordable price and the instant relaxation an inflatable spa can provide could easily outweigh any of your concern. Would you like to set up an inflatable spa in your backyard? Check out the choices at Outbax. You will find just the right one you need. Visit the site now!

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