15 Creative Uses of an Air Mattress

15 Creative Uses of an Air Mattress

Are you considering getting an air mattress soon? Maybe you have used one once and liked the experience, or perhaps you are curious about it. Whenever you make a purchase, you want to make sure that you are getting your money's worth. If you are like most people, you would want to know if you can use the item that you're buying for many times and for more than one purpose.

Fortunately, you would be happy to know that there are a lot of different uses for an air mattress. Some of these are so fun that you probably would not think they are possible. What else can you use your air mattress for? Read on to know more about them.

1. One grand sleepover

If your daughter is at the stage where sleepovers are the highlights of her year, you can earn yourself some points by throwing a fabulous sleepover party for her and her best friends. You can make it a traditional slumber party in her bedroom or an even more exciting one in your yard.

A Bestway Queen Size Aerolax Indoor Air Bed that comes with a built-in pillow and an integrated pump is an excellent option because it is specially made for indoor use. The girls will surely love how fun, yet luxurious it feels. Additionally, you will appreciate that you can easily fold down the bed into a small travel bag after use.

2. A safer (and more practical) playroom

Having toddlers can be a lot of fun, but it can also be really challenging. They spill everything, they write everywhere, and they seem to test the strength of every piece of furniture in the home. Whilst you want a playroom that is Instagrammable, you also do not want to invest in expensive furniture just now.

Getting an air mattress is a much more practical choice for parents with very young children. You can clean any spills and doodles, you can move it to wherever your little one wants to play, and you can simply deflate it, so you can clean your tot's room--no crawling and hiding under the bed to reach for stray toys. You won't even have to worry about your little one falling off the bed, especially if you get a model like the Bestway Double Inflatable Air Mattress that comes with a foot pump which is low enough for your toddler to climb into and get off.

3. Glamping for less

Glamping packages can be expensive, but this should not keep you from experiencing one. Whether you're planning to make it a big glamping event on Cockatoo Island with all your friends or you just want to pitch a tent by the beach for some peaceful alone time, a Bestway air mattress will let you have a fun camping activity.

Yes, you can camp without the hassle of having to look for a soft spot on the ground to sleep on. You will find that an air mattress weighs much lighter than foam mattresses, making them more convenient to bring, especially if there would be long hikes. Camping without back pain the morning after--is that really possible? Well, with an air mattress and other essential camping equipment, it can be done.

4. Upgraded balcony

Living in the city often means that you have to live in a small space. When every inch of your condominium or apartment is allotted for necessity, you might miss having a spot where you can comfortably relax and read. If your place has a pocket balcony, you can place an air mattress there with a few pillows and a throw blanket, and you have your very own outdoor spot where you can just kick back and relax. You can also have your dinner whilst watching the street below.

5. Bake and bronze up

Everyone wants to be able to get a tan comfortably but sitting or lying on hard plastic or wooden lounge chairs for hours at a time can take its toll on your back. Why not swap your lounge chairs for a single inflatable mattress? With an air bed, you can bake under the sun without hurting your back. You would even feel like you are floating. Just remember to wear sunscreen, and be mindful of how long you are staying under direct sunlight. It's going to be really comfy lying on your air bed, but you should make sure that you are still doing it safely.

6. Pool floater

Are you always looking for ways to make summer more fun? Maybe you have your own pool so you don't take beach trips that often. Sometimes, just adding a new element to the familiar makes all the difference. Perhaps a new air bed on your swimming pool can make family weekends more exciting. After all, it is everybody's secret dream to open their eyes and find that they're lying in a bed that's floating on water, right? If you have kids and they are going to use the air bed as a floater, make sure that there is always a responsible adult watching to ensure their safety.

7. Romantic picnic date

You do not have to spend all your money on expensive restaurants to give your loved one a pleasant surprise. All you need is an inflatable sleeping mattress that is meant for outdoor use like the Bestway Premium Queen Air Bed that you can easily set up in minutes. Bring a couple of pillows and a nice blanket to cover your air bed if you want a more picnic-like feel. Now, all you need to worry about is what you will put inside your picnic basket.

8. Stargazing or UFO sighting

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to sleep under the stars? Then, why not get yourself an air mattress and give it a try? You can stargaze until you fall asleep, and find out how relaxing this can be. You can even turn it into a memorable family activity by inviting your kids with you. If they are not impressed with the idea of staring at the moon and the stars, you can always tell them you would be watching out for UFOs. This works more often than you would believe. Of course, this is only an option if you have a yard and if you live in a pretty safe neighbourhood; otherwise, you should just clear some space in your living room for your air bed and have some telescopes ready.

9. Makeshift backseat bed

If you often take long drives, a single-sized air mattress would be a good investment for you. It would be perfect when you really need to take a nap, and you want to be as comfy as possible. Remember, though, that sleeping in the back seat on an air bed is safe only if the vehicle is at rest.

10. Indoor or outdoor cinema

Got a spare room at home that you want to transform into a home cinema? Instead of spending a lot of money on special couches, you can just buy single air beds and place them on top of wood pallets in three different heights to achieve the cinema-like effect. If you are not really planning to get a permanent home theatre, maybe you would prefer an outdoor cinema. Choose a large air bed so everyone would feel comfortable. Better yet, as they are quite inexpensive, you can buy single air beds for every member of your family. If this is what you would enjoy more, you should also have a good projector.

11. Bedroom staging

Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, you must know how important it is that you stage every room in your house to look more inviting to prospective buyers. That may not be so easy to do if your beds are already showing signs of use. Buying pricey furniture is not the solution you are looking for. A Bestway air mattress holds the answer to your concern. You can just buy raised air mattresses, cover them with beautiful sheets and pillows and maybe DIY a headboard for the beds. Because air beds are as easy to deflate and move as it is to set them up, you can just pack the beds up when you sell the house.

12. Extra layer of protection for the kids

Parents with small kids often get the tiniest heart attacks when their kids are playing rough or when they are climbing things. However, you cannot really keep a child from being active because they need that, too. Well, you can let your kids explore the jungle gym, and you don't have to worry about any falls when you have an inflatable mattress providing extra protection. Your kids are creative. They can transform the air bed into anything they like. They can turn it into a slide for their bunk beds. You can also tell them it's a raft or a boat and they shouldn't fall, or maybe you can say it's a magic carpet. They would feel like floating anyway.

13. Theme parties

Now you may be wondering what air beds have to do with theme parties. There are some theme parties that you can hold with the use of air mattresses. For example, you can have a 'music festival' where your guests can relax on scattered air beds in an open space and listen to cool live music. You can also throw a 'pampering' party for the women in your family. Have your air beds lined up in your living room and you can all enjoy a relaxing massage, body wraps or scrubs, and more. The Single Air Bed Home Blow Up Mattress from Bestway can serve this purpose perfectly.

14. Instant accommodation

All right, this one is actually the most common purpose of air beds, but it's still worth noting how convenient it is for homeowners to have an air bed or two ready for guests. Not everyone has guest rooms to accommodate family and friends who are staying over. Air beds can make it possible for you to host visiting friends or family even if you do not have much space in your home. Now, you can invite loved ones to your home and not worry that your guests are not feeling comfortable whilst they sleep.

15. Lifeboat or raft

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in a situation where you have to use an airbed as a lifeboat. Should the need arise, though, you can use your air mattress as a raft, and you can row and float to safety. As you can see, there are quite a few fun uses for an air mattress. It is not something you will use only once every year or just whenever you have a guest at home. You can make the most of your air bed purchase by making it a part of your fun activities. Perhaps you are wondering which air bed model is the right one for you. It depends on some factors like who do you think would use the air bed most, how many would be using it at a time, whether it will be used indoors or outdoors, and more. Every Australian household should have at least one air bed. It has a lot of uses, it is not expensive, and best of all, you can conveniently purchase it online.

Outbax offers an array of air mattresses. Whether you need a single air bed, a double or a queen size, a low mat-like height or a raised one, you will surely find what you are looking for at Outbax. If you want the best of Bestway, Outbax can deliver it straight to your home at no extra cost. You even get one-year warranty on any air bed that you choose.

Do not wait any longer. Get yourself and your family a Bestway Air Bed, and enjoy the benefits of having one today. Your order will be shipped right away the next day.

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