13 Amazing Ways to Use Solar Christmas Lights All Year Round

13 Amazing Ways to Use Solar Christmas Lights All Year Round

Christmas, for some people, is always around the corner, no matter what month it is. This festive Christian tradition is a magical time for millions of people all over the globe, just like in Australia. Here, Christmas is about celebrating the moment with loved ones whilst being surrounded by amazing Christmas decorations. Aussies step up the game with solar Christmas lights.

Beautiful, advanced, and appealing solar lights are taking over the Christmas decoration scene in Australia. This is because these lights are cost-effective, manufactured with good quality, and environment-friendly. You get all thebenefits like green and free energy, affordable installation, and free maintenance. Add the Christmas hymns and these solar lights glow beautifully. Once the Yuletide is over, what will you do with these solar Christmas lights? Most people would pack everything up and store them for next year's celebration. Others would give the lights away. Here is a good idea: why not keep the lights on display? Just because the holidays are over does not mean you're required to take everything down. With Christmas and the New Year's Eve out of the way, solar lights can still light up the rest of the year, and you don't have to worry about energy cost. To help you out, here are 13 amazing ways to decorate with solar Christmas lights even when it's not the holidays.

1. Use them for the Halloween

Who says lights are only for Christmas? You can up the ante for Halloween by using solar Christmas lights in the front yard. This is to emphasise the scary decorations you've got. Excite trick-or-treaters with a bright and scary Halloween display. You are also helping out some kids who might be afraid of the dark. Instead of candle lights, why not put a solar LED light inside that pumpkin head? Solar Christmas lights are also perfect for other festivities, because these lights shine the brightest during the night.

2. Light up the front yard at night

The street can be scary during the night with only the light posts to guide you as you walk. Whilst you don't need to keep other Christmas decorations, you can at least keep the solar lights up to help pedestrians passing in the corner. Put everything in the front yard near the streets and share the light with everyone who passes. It is a common practice among many people in Australia to leave solar lights outside after charging them during the day. Some people even design the lights to follow a pattern to give the yard a more appealing and stylish look. Moreover, there are those who place these lights along walkways to maintain security and safety.

3. Transform the bedroom into a neon paradise

You have to be aware that solar panels not harnessing energy without direct sunlight is a myth. Solar lights or panels are designed to gather energy during various types of weather for both indoor and outdoor use. If you have a kid, why not turn their room into a glowing paradise? solar Christmas or LED lights come in different colours and are very appealing to little children. Give them an exciting room with properly displayed lights for the night. It also allows you to save a lot of money on the energy bill.

4. Bring solar Christmas lights to camp

Camping is a favourite outdoor activity in Australia where people would go even during winter. With holiday solar lights available all year long, some campers are using these devices to keep things bright. Instead of emergency lights or portable lights, people bring solar Christmas lights which they can use at night, after a day's charging. Others bring portable solar panels aside from the lights. These Solar lights are also perfect to cover the entire camping ground and help others find or navigate the way. Keep in mind that there are also portable solar lights that you can bring anywhere.

5. Illuminate your garden at night

If you have more spare lights, why not turn your garden into something even more beautiful? Just like camping, gardening in Australia is big. Most households have garden or tool sheds in the backyard. With all the lovely flowers and greens lying around, you can liven things up at night. With solar lights, you can also garden after dusk or turn your garden into a paradise with bright and twinkling colours. Use lights to scare away bugs, animals, and pests ruining your garden. In case it rains, you don't need to worry about your lights being wet because there are waterproof solar lights or lantern lights out there. Treat your guests and neighbours to a display of lights! Who knows, your neighbours might even pick up the idea and turn their own gardens into bright spectacles. This means that the whole street will glow beautifully at night.

7. Surround your pool with solar Christmas lights

If you have a pool in the backyard, try dazzling your family and your guests with solar Christmas lights. With waterproof solar lights, some Aussies put lights underwater to give the pool an underwater neon effect. This way, you can throw pool parties even at night. It will also be safer for your kids to swim at night, as you can easily monitor their movements. This can work not just for regular pools, but also for inflatable and above ground swimming pools.

9. Reduce your electric bill with solar Christmas lights

Some people use solar Christmas lights for their entire house instead of lights powered by solar panels. Don't be discouraged by other people saying that solar lights are not that reliable, which was probably true in the past. Solar lights today are built with long-lasting and durable technology that can give you thousands of hours of free light. You can also have solar lights and panels at home at the same time. This way, everything is solar-powered and you get to save more money. If you also have solar panels, this would benefit not only you but even the electric grid in your community. One of the biggest solar panel myths is that excess energy can be stored in a battery system for future use. It is actually stored in the grid under an arrangement with the distributor called the net metering system. It is a give-and-take process because if you need more electricity at night, you can get more from the grid. If you have excess power during the day, you can also supply it to the grid, which is then credited to your own account.

10. Install night jar lamps

If you are a big fan of lava lamps, then you're going to be a bigger fan of solar lamps. The idea is for you to gather a bunch of empty jars, clean them, and put in small solar light bulbs in each. Some solar lights come with amazing designs, so even if the things are not charged, they still look amazing. If you are also looking for alternatives for romantic candles for a dinner date, why not spice things up with these jar lamps? Think of this as an alternative for other light sources inside and outside the house. It is important to take good care of these lights and make sure each receives the right amount of solar power needed.

11. Make solar lights a house centrepiece

Even if there are no celebrations or gatherings at home, it does not mean you can't have a beautiful centrepiece on the dining table. Whilst most people prefer flowers, why not use lights as well? Other than their eye-catching look, lights can also give you a nice ambiance. You can combine the jar lamp idea with this one. Come dinner time where your favourite dish is served, all food items will appear more visible and delectable, thanks to the glowing centrepiece in the middle. It is also a great conversation piece for the family.

12. Bring the summer feel to your home

If summer is your favourite season and you love grilling out and dining with your family and friends beneath the patio lights, well, you can recreate this vibe even when you're inside the home. By hanging a few solar Christmas lights above your dining table, you get to create a cosy and bohemian feel. With a few lit candles and delicious food served family-style, everyone at the table will surely have a good time.

13. Build a solar lightplace

If you want a scene stealer inside your home and you can't afford to have a fireplace built, try going with solar Christmas lights. All you have to do is assign a designated area inside your home for the lights to be placed. With a solar lightplace, there would be no fear of a fire starting, which means you can relax more. All you have to do is have the solar lights charged and enjoy the ambiance with your loved ones. Solar lights are proven to be a good source of heat, so you actually have a fireplace, minus the wood and all the trouble of collecting it. There are more ideas out there for your solar Christmas lightsâ”for decoration or display. It is important to always think outside the box. Be creative and play around with these lights to discover your own ideas. If you don't have solar Christmas lights yet but are intrigued with the many ideas you can work with them, then you need to purchase these amazing products right now. Here are simple reminders you need to consider before buying solar powered lights.

1. Choose affordable and durable ones

Whilst people are worried that solar Christmas lights are expensive, this is not the case at all. Most solar-powered products in Australia are affordable. Still, you need to consider if the product you want is reliable and will last for many years. Remember to buy a product with a warranty to serve as a safety net if something goes wrong with the item. You may also want to choose a product with energy-saving, low-voltage features, and built-in battery.

2. Pick from various designs

Solar light products these days have different features. There are solar LED lights, solar net lights, and more. Make sure to explore and consider several product designs before buying one or you might end up regretting your first purchase.

3. Know the different types of solar lights

Solar lights are not simply used as a light source. There are different types that serve different purposes like security motion solar lights, wall mount solar lights, and fence post solar lights. Widen your selection and get to know these products.

4. Choose easy-to-install products

Most solar light products are ready-to-use. If you're being offered a product with an extensive manual, then forget about it and go for the latest products.

5. Learn how to take care of your lights

Solar lights may not require too much maintenance but are still in need of care. If you want these lights to last for many years, make sure that solar lights are fully-charged every day. Charging usually takes seven to eight hours. Regularly clean the solar panel on top of your solar light using a small piece of cloth to wipe away dirt or dust. Keeping the panel clean means making sure the light is able to gather as much energy as it can.

The solar light provider you need

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