12 Tips for Buying a Camping Mattress

12 Tips for Buying a Camping Mattress

12 tips for buying a camping mattress Sleeping outdoors can be a wonderful experience, if only you can stay away from little gnats and other insects. After a whole day of adventure and fun activities, lying on a comfortable and efficient camping mattress is what your body needs. It is important to sleep well on the campsite because this is the time when our bodies and minds heal and recharge after a tiring day. The lack of sleep is linked to weight gain, poor concentration, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and depression. If you need adequate sleep at home, you would surely need more in the great outdoors.

However, you might notice that it would normally take you sometime to sleep in a different place, more so when you're in the wild. Bringing your favourite air mattress would help you adjust to a new environment. Whilst it is best to sleep outdoors at the time you normally would at home, you can consider lying down a bit earlier whilst on the campsite and allowing the sound of the breeze and cool temperature to lull you to slumber. This is the time to be one with nature, away from the noise of the city. A full day of vigorous activities will surely make you feel tired. Take note that a temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is best for sleeping. If this is not possible on the campsite because of the different seasons, you can use your air mattress and other beddings to achieve your most desired comfort level. With the best air mattress that you can sleep on, a good night's rest is possible in the wild. Here are some tips for buying the best air mattress for camping:

1. Determine the number of campers in your group

It is important that you know who you would be camping out with, so you can properly approximate the space for a more comfortable camping experience. This also applies to the right size of the tent and the air mattress that you should bring with you. You might be looking for an air mattress that can accommodate two people, or an airbed that is as big as the queen inflatable high mattress for a bigger group. You may also opt to bring two or more air beds for the whole family. Bringing air mattresses should not be a problem during a camping trip, because they are light, portable, and easy to carry.

2. Look into your budget when buying your mattress

You have several choices and the best ones would cost you a little bit more, but always look for options where you can find your money's worth. There are various types of air mattresses, depending on the quality, size, materials, and accessories that you need.

3. Consider your pump options

An air mattress pump may either be externally placed or built-in. There are manual pumps, foot pumps, and electric pumps. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that external pumps are way cheaper and easier to replace. Find your level of comfort with them. Built-in ones are a bit higher in price, because you'll have a little problem when it comes to replacing them. However, you will find them comfortable and easy to work with, as you are normally provided with a dial that would bring your desired level of firmness to plush, medium, or firm. If you would like to make the most of your budget, a manual pump could help you get the same results when pumping air into your air bed. You don't just get to save money; it also allows you to get some exercise to stay fit. With a manual pump, you're expected to exert more effort when inflating the bed. Alternatively, you can also go for the foot pumps, which means your lower torso would work a bit more when inflating your mattress. Another choice is the electric pump, which is most useful if you'd be bringing in several air mattresses. Imagine how much energy you'd need if you would inflate each, manually. This is also ideal if you think you'd run out of time when you get to the place and still need to set things up.

4. Decide on the type of air mattress

Air mattresses come in different types. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the following: Portable air mattress This type comes in different standards when it comes to the base. Its weight can be a big factor for portability. Consider the weight if you intend to carry just the handy ones.

Air mattress with external pumps

Most mattresses have external pumps. The inexpensive ones usually come with the foot pumps or manual pumps, which would help you save on electricity and batteries. Quality is never a question as well. Again, this depends on your budget.

Electric air mattress

This is the most expensive of all. What makes it sellable is that it doesn't take so much of your time. In fact, you can just turn on the switch and allow it to reach a certain level of firmness. You can enjoy doing other things whilst waiting for it to give you the most desirable firmness.

Pillowtop air mattress

This is a variety that would help you save space for your pillows. They come in different thickness and softness. This type of mattress may cost you several dollars more, but if you think you'd still be able to save money with that space, then go for it. It is worth the extra buck if it can make you feel more comfortable.

High quality/luxury air mattress

This mattress has pillow tops; automatic inflation to your desired firmness; and memory foam accents that would make your overall sleeping experience luxurious. They are usually high-level mattresses designed to give you the comfort that you need. You may need to spend a bit more for this type.

Automatic self-inflating mattress

This may either be a battery-powered or plug-in type. Battery-powered models are mostly rechargeable as well. You may choose from either those which you can control in terms of firmness or the ones which just automatically inflate.

Heavy-duty air mattress

This is the best type of air bed, which you may also find most useful in camping. They are usually made of puncture-resistant fabric. Usually designed for the rugged outdoor environments and for long periods of time, the heavy-duty ones are ideal for outdoor activities. Whichever you prefer, the items above can help you achieve a great camping experience.

5. Choose between a raised/platform or low-profile mattress

Low-profile types do not have an added base. They are slightly cheaper and more compact than the raised types. With them, you won't have a problem with deflating them and packing them away. Basically, they are also not too big to fit into a tent. The raised/platform type is ideal for older campers in the group, most especially when they have mobility issues. These air beds are advantageous in the sense that they would protect you from the changing temperature of the ground, the bugs, or wet surfaces. However, they tend to take up more space inside the tent because of the height.

6. Consider the dimension and size of the mattress

Tents come in different sizes. It is best to check the size of your tent before purchasing an air mattress. Ideally, the air mattress should easily fit into the tent and give you an extra space to move around. The same is true for the height of the tent. Low-profile mattresses are normally 7 to 10 inches high. On the other hand, a raised air mattress has double the thickness of the standard one. They are normally of the same length as a typical mattress. Raised air mattresses range from 16 to 22 inches in height. Air mattresses come in Queen or in Twin sizes and they are also made available in Double, Full, and Single types. Take note of the following dimensions:

  • Single Dimensions 36W x 74L
  • Double Dimensions 54W x 74L
  • Full Dimensions 54W x 74L
  • Twin Dimensions 38W x 74L
  • Queen Dimensions 60W x 80L

12 tips for buying a camping mattress 2

7. Know your type of sleeping pad

Foam types or self-inflating mattresses are versatile and are not prone to punctures or leaks, compared to the self-inflating mattress. The self-inflating ones, however, are quite light and handy. Practically, there is no comparison between them in terms of comfort.

8. Read reviews and certain details about air beds

To save you the time, money, and effort spent on hopping from one store to another, read some reviews on the item. The statistics would give you an idea on which is best. Information or reviews on durability, how the product was produced, edge support, heat transfer, motion isolation, bounce, and the quality of materials used would assure you of a good air bed.

9. Consider your favourite sleeping position

People sleep in different ways; some on their stomach whilst others on their sides. This is in addition to the back sleepers. Imagine a soft mattress used for stomach sleepers. The tendency is it can cause strain on their necks. As such, firm mattresses normally work best for stomach sleepers. This can help them with their spine alignment and give their airways a better support thus, maintaining proper breathing.

10. Be mindful of motion transfers

If you would be sleeping with people who are restless and normally change positions from time to time, it would be best to look into the air mattress' ability to isolate movement as closely to the source. This way, you would have less disturbances whilst you sleep.

11. Consider edge support

Edge support is usually one of the most neglected aspects when buying an air bed. Anyone who chooses air beds usually just looks for comfort when lying down on it. However, it is also necessary to take note of whether or not the mattress can still support you when you get to the edge of the bed. The mattress' edge support can mean safety, which is important especially when you are with kids.

12. Think about your health

This most especially goes for people who have spine problems. As the spine holds the body's extremities, it plays a very important role in terms of body movement. If you know your health issues, you would most likely know what you're going to look for in an air mattress. Whether you use the air bed at home or in the great outdoors, it must be comfortable enough for your spine.

Shop for high-quality air mattress

After considering the above factors, shopping for a high-quality air mattress for camping doesn't end there. Lie down and test it. There's no better way to determine comfort than by feeling it yourself. Take a minute or two to allow yourself to lie on the mattress you're planning to purchase. Feel comfortable. If you think you'd be pressured to have the presence of the salesperson, tell them to give you at least 5 minutes for the lying-test. Make sure that you have all the options to give it back in case you have problems. Check on their return policies. This applies to both buying from a warehouse club or shopping online. Ensure that you can get a full refund or credit for any air bed or mattress. Take advantage of comfort guarantees that normally cover a couple of weeks to 120 days. If you've decided on the piece, try to haggle for the best terms. If there isn't much that you can ask for from warehouse clubs, go for specialty stores and other retailers for a good price. Whilst it might be tougher negotiating online, there's always a hundred ways to save. Finally, read the warranty. Coverage normally is prorated which means any defects can be replaced without an added cost. It is always best to look into time frames. If you are looking for a guarantee in mattresses, there's one that's just right for you. Check out Australia's leading provider of camping gears and equipment, Outbax.com.au. Browse through our products today!

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