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12 Signs the Kids Have Outgrown their Camping Gear

12 Signs the Kids Have Outgrown their Camping Gear

Camping is a great way to spend quality time in nature with your kids. Bringing them on camping adventures allows them to explore and appreciate nature, lets you connect more with them, and helps them become more active, healthier, and happier. In addition, camping helps improve their cognitive development. If you always bring your kids to camping adventures, you probably already have their camping gear prepared and tucked away in storage for the next camping trip. However, are their camping equipment still fit for the next trip? Let's find out.

Your kids grow fast although you may not notice it. They start to outgrow their clothes and they find new hobbies and interests. The same applies to their camping gear. If your kids love camping and spending time with nature, it is important that their camping gear is up-to-date and still perfectly fit them for an easier and comfortable camping experience. Here are some signs why you might need to get your kids new camping equipment:

1. Their camping gear does not fit them anymore

As kids grow fast, the sleeping bags, raincoats, and camping shoes you bought for them last year might no longer fit them, particularly if you bought the exact size that fit them during that time. Most often, kids will talk about their camping shoes or sleeping bags being tight or uncomfortable. Otherwise, you will easily notice they have outgrown their camping gear if they complain about a blister on their feet or if they do not feel comfortable to sleep on their sleeping bags anymore. If this is the case, getting a new and durable camping mattress or camping shoes with proper space allowance is the best choice especially if you are looking for ways to save money. Your kids will grow in the equipment if there is extra space, and you will not have to get a new camping gear for your next adventure. Learn how to purchase a quality camping mattress here. Here are some additional money saving tips when getting camping gear replacement for your children: a.) Buy gender neutral coloured camping gear so your younger children can still use the items. b.) Search for deals and coupons online. c.) Look for second hand camping gear in good condition. d.) Sell your kids' outgrown camping equipment. e.) Swap your children's outgrown camping gear with your friends or relatives who also love camping with their kids. f.) Check out the thrift stores, consignment shops, or garage sales.

2. They easily get bored with their old camping toys or they do not play with them anymore

If the old camping toys used to keep your kids busy and entertained, yet they are now more focused on their tablets or phones, they have probably outgrown their camping toys. Moreover, kids nowadays are more inclined to playing with gadgets rather than climbing trees or exploring nature, which hinders them from experiencing the beauty of camping. Getting age-appropriate toys or crafting new and exciting camping games such as nature scavenger hunt, park ranger, and flashlight tag is a great idea to keep them active, healthy, and entertained. This will also help in the improvement of their social and cognitive development. Here are some of the awesome camping games ideas for your kids.

3. They show interest in helping you around the camp

If your kids used to play with their cooking toys in the camp but are now more interested in helping you cook their meals, it is a sign they are on the next level of learning and would like to experience the real thing. Guide them through rinsing chopped vegetables, beating the eggs, or mixing the ingredients. Simply teach them more about their interests and let them have a hands-on experience to help them improve their skills. This will also help you develop a stronger bond with your children and learn more about their interests whilst camping.

4. You can no longer keep them on the playpen

If you have a baby or a toddler with you in the camp, keeping your toddler on a portable playpen is a great way to keep them entertained and safe whilst you go about the chores in the camp. However, if your child is no longer interested or entertained in the playpen and would like to run around the camp, it is a sign they are looking to explore more things. Allow your child to play with other children in the camp whilst keeping an eye on them. This will also give them a better sleep at night, as they will get tired from playing. This means you can have a good night's sleep underneath the starry sky.

5. They no longer need your help when going to the potty tent

One of the signs your kids have outgrown their potty-training days is when they automatically go to the potty tent without asking for your help. However, it is still important to keep an eye on your child if you are not sure they can do it properly and independently. On another note, if you have a toddler and they remove their diaper to poop or pee, it is a sign your child is ready for potty training and have outgrown the constant use of diapers. Other signs include: a.) Waking up dry after a nap; b.) Interest in using the toilet; c.) Telling you that they need to go or have gone even if they are still on diapers; e.) Their diaper is dry for a long time; and f.) Hiding to poop or pee and pulling up their full diaper. Bringing a potty trainer equipment to your next camping adventure is a good start, although you still need a few diapers for the road trip.

6. They no longer want to use their character sleeping bag or camping gear.

Children are attracted to using things with their favourite cartoon or movie character printed on them, examples of which are a Spider-Man sleeping bag, Minecraft camping backpack, or a Disney raincoat. One of the signs your kids have outgrown their character camping equipment is when they refuse to use it or when they want a new one with their new favourite character design printed on it.

7. They no longer fit in their camping tent

If your kids no longer fit in their camping tent and require more space, now is the time to replace their tent with a bigger and more durable one. Investing in a good camping tent is important if you want to save money in the long run. A durable camping tent will not easily tear or break, and you can count on it for several years, depending on how often your kids use it. Your younger children would be able to use it in future camping adventures, too.

8. They no longer fit in their inflatable pool

Bringing an inflatable pool for camping adds a lot of fun especially for your children. If your kids are growing fast, or if you have a new addition to your family and your kids can no longer swim or dip freely in their inflatable pool, now is the time to get a new and bigger blow-up pool. However, if they still fit in the pool but are getting bored with it, try adding slides or setting up trampolines so they can have more fun in the pool. In addition, if you have an extensive backyard or garden, above ground swimming pools are a perfect addition to your property. Having one increases your home's value and your kids can camp within the comfort of your garden whilst enjoying a dip on a bigger swimming pool.

9. They ask for new camping equipment for their new interests

Children find new interests and hobbies as they grow up. If they ask for new fishing equipment, biking gear, or camping shoes, they have probably outgrown their old hobbies and camping equipment and are seeking new adventures for camping. Here are some of the must-have camping footwear for your children: a.) Water shoes. If your kids enjoy canoeing, kayaking or other water adventures, get them a pair of water shoes for a more fun and comfortable water experience. b.) Toe shoes. If your kids love hiking adventure, a pair of toe shoes is what they need. c.) Crocs. Crocs are one of the most widely used footwear by campers. They are durable, lightweight, comfortable and easy to dry. They also come in different designs and colours, perfect for your imaginative kids. d.) Flip-flops. Kids do not like to be in their camping shoes all day. Bringing a pair of flip-flops will free their little feet from any discomfort and they can move and play around comfortably in the camp.

10. Your toddler does not want to be in their portable crib anymore

If you have a toddler with you whilst you camp, there are several reasons your toddler would no longer like to stay or sleep in their portable crib. Here are a few signs your child has outgrown their portable camping crib: a.) If your child is climbing out of the crib, you might need to consider getting them a kiddie sleeping bag or mattress for camping as they will no longer be safe in the crib. b.) They cry or refuses to be put down in the crib. c.) Your child talks about co-sleeping with their bigger siblings. d.) They already understand imaginary boundaries. e.) Your child is growing, and the portable crib can no longer hold their weight. f.) If your kid is potty trained, they will have a hard time getting out of the crib if they need to go to the potty tent during the night. g.) Your child can sleep without your supervision.

11. Your kids no longer want to sleep with the lamp on

One of the signs your kids have outgrown sleeping with the camping lantern on is they ask you to turn off the lamp or they turn off the lamp themselves before they lie down to sleep. This means you will save more on power during the night, particularly if your family is planning to camp for a few days. One way to save on gas or power whilst camping is using portable solar panel. Solar panels are a good investment especially if you are looking to save money in the long run. All you must do is set it up under the sun whilst you camp out. You can use the energy later to power up your electric grill, stoves, and devices. This means you no longer have to deal with starting and keeping up a fire for cooking. You can also use it at home in case of a power outage.

12. They no longer want to use their kiddie water bottle

If your kids no longer want to drink in their water bottle with a straw or if they no longer want its cute, colourful handle, it is a sign that they have outgrown it. Another sign that they need a new water bottle for camping is that they easily empty the bottle and require more water. This is normal if your kids are having a good time playing around the camp.

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