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10 Ways to Camp Even Greener

10 Ways to Camp Even Greener

1. Leave your tech at home

The really green way to camp is to leave your radio or laptop at home. You should especially aim to leave behind those tech items that require batteries or need to hook up to your car. Good green alternatives include using a foot pump for your air mattress, a solar powered, crankable torch and a good ˜ol paperback for some entertainment.

2. Bring organic food

Before you even arrive at your campsite, select some eco-friendly snack bars and produce. Opt for food that comes in recyclable packaging too!

3. Minimise driving

Camp at a nearby location or don't drive the whole way and trek the rest to reduce your emissions.

4. Solar panels

Solar panels are a clean and silent energy source, perfect for lighting, small appliances and even laptops. If you're bringing some tech with you, this is the greenest way to power it!

5. Have a clean fire

Have your fire in a fire pit or restrained with a ring of stones to keep it small and under control. Don't burn things like plastic that may release toxic fumes. Even better, opt for an eco-friendly electric camping stove as it won't emit any harmful carbon into the atmosphere

6. Embrace reusable

Instead of temporary paper plates and plastic knives and forks, invest in reusable silverware, crockery and cooking utensils. When you wash these, be sure to dump the water on to land away from any bodies of water.

7. Go for environmentally friendly toiletries

It's generally not a good idea to use your regular soap, toothpaste and shampoo when you camp if the chemicals will go straight into the water system. Read the labels and go for eco-friendly and biodegradable options.

8. Keep bugs away naturally

Instead of fly spray and insect repellents go for natural alternatives like citronella candles.

9. Clean up after your dog

If you're bringing your pet dog with you then remember to pick up their faeces just like you would at home. Try not to let them stray too far as they might damage local flora and fauna.

10. Leave your camping site as your found it

This should be every camper's motto. Pick up after yourself so there's no plastic wrappers or cans around. Take all your rubbish away with you and recycle as much as you can when you get to the nearest bin.

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