10 Power Tool Organisation Ideas for Your Tool Shop

10 Power Tool Organisation Ideas for Your Tool Shop

tool1 One of the popular uses of a shed is as a toolshop where you store your power tools and where you work on your various home projects. Tools can help you save on costs for your home's improvement, especially if you are into DIY projects. With the continuous innovations made on power tools, there's always something new in the market. Surely, you get one for your toolshop, too. However, unless you organise your tools, they can quickly pile up and cause a mess.

As such, it is important for you to always keep your toolshop organised. This does not only make it easier for you to find what you need and get your tasks done more quickly; it also makes your toolshop safe for both you and your family. If you use your toolshop for business, then safety becomes even more important, as you wouldn't want to receive complaints fromF your customers. Safety and health are vital upshots of a well-organised workspace. Tools that are left on the floor can possibly block the way, causing danger to people who pass by or who go into your toolshop. Ground surfaces in toolshops can normally be very messy, but organising them would make a difference. A well-organised workspace makes you productive and is also more sightly. Organising your toolshop is one of the ways you ensure the proper care and management of your home and its premises. Here are 10 power tool organisation ideas to help you get started:

Power Tool Organisation Idea #1: Go for cordless power tools

Going cordless is a great power tool storage idea because with them, you no longer have to keep messy cord extensions in your toolshop. They not only keep your toolshop look neater, they also give you more freedom and ease to move around. Cordless tools offer both utility and convenience and are easy to store.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #2. Use battery-operated power tools

Lithium ion battery-operated tools are normally rechargeable. They are said to be one of the most efficient types of battery with one of the best energy densities. They have no memory effect and lose less energy when not in use. As with the use of cordless power tools, the use of battery-operated ones also provide you with convenience and ease of movement, and they are also easy to store.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #3. Create mini-tool organisers

Create mini-tool organisers using empty plastic bottles, which you can then place in an empty crate or hang on the wall. You can use them to store cords and other small pieces of tools. Although you can also use the cores of a roll of tissue paper, using empty plastic bottles with the top portion cut off would be a safer choice, as plastic doesn't absorb water the way that the tissue core does. This ensures that your gadgets and cords remain dry even when water for whatever reason seeps into your toolshop.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #4. Consider using 3-in-one item tools

tool2 Imagine using one item that can do two to three different kinds of work. A good example is a 4-in1- hammer drill. Having one item instead of getting 4 different tools saves space, time, and effort. This leaves more room in your toolshop for other things.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #5. Choose to hang or place items on a deck

You can use stainless steel fittings with decks and boards on which you can hang some of your garden and power tools. Keeping them off the floor and out of small children's reach is another way to ensure your toolshop's safety.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #6. Go vertical

tool3 Whilst extensions work best for horizontally keeping your space safe, another power tool storage idea is to go vertical. Pegboards are one of the simplest and less expensive storage media for hanging lightweight tools and small objects. Normally used for wall storage, it will also be a great addition to your toolshop.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #7. Create a multipurpose workbench

If you're into DIY, then another power tool storage idea is for you to build a multipurpose workbench that has an underbench storage and that also has an outfeed table for your table saw. Not only does this allow you to save space; it also keeps the things you need within easy reach whilst you work.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #8. Organise your tools according to their use, size, and shape

This is a great power tool organisation idea, as it will allow you to easily find the tool that you need. It will allow you to easily recall where you placed something.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #9. De-clutter

A lot of people tend to keep things that they don't use anymore but choose to keep them anyway, as they think they might still need them in the future. However, that need usually never arises, so it is best to just throw or give them away. This will allow you to have more room for the things that you really use and need.

Power Tool Organisation Idea #10. Make it a habit to keep your tools organised

You may be one of those who organise their toolshop and then forget to put things back in their proper place once you start to do some work. Excuses abound. You may say that you're too busy at the moment and that you'll tidy up later, which often does not happen. Unless you make an effort to keep things organised whenever you use your tools, you'll soon find yourself with another messy toolshop. These power tool organisation ideas will allow you to create room for new tools. If you would like to update your power tool collection or if you would like to replace some old tools, then take a look at the best power tools from Outbax. Outbax offers you high calibre products and tools at very fair prices. With our 24-hour dispatch guarantee, you'll have the items in no time!

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