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10 Creative Ways to Set Up an Inflatable Kids' Pool

10 Creative Ways to Set Up an Inflatable Kids' Pool

It must have been pretty exciting during your childhood whenever you saw adults pulling out an inflatable pool from the box. It was summertime, and your cousins and friends came to visit. The smell of barbecue spread across the house. Then your father asked if you guys wanted to go swimming and all of you quickly said yes.

An inflatable pool was a big part of your childhood, and it is time to pass on the excitement to the young ones. This amazing invention has provided a lot of happy memories to millions of people all over the globe, especially here in Australia where swimming is a big thing. There are probably hundreds of inflatable pool designs available, and Aussies are always able to keep things interesting not just for the kids. If you're looking to kick things up a notch during your next inflatable pool party, remember to be creative. Swimming is a favourite pastime in Australia, whether it's at a beach, a pool resort, or in your backyard. If you do not have a swimming pool, an inflatable pool is the next best thing. It is flexible, affordable, and safe. The design is only one factor that makes an inflatable pool exciting. What if you add your own ideas and see what comes up? If you cannot think of any, here are ten creative ways to help you set up your own inflatable pool. These ideas are not just for kids but also for adults looking to relax under the fine sun whilst floating.

1. Build a playground or waterpark pool

If you want your kids to have a blast, why not purchase some inflatable playground equipment, such as an inflatable slide? You can set up the pool under or in the middle of the swing sets in your backyard. Some parents even fill up pools with a bunch of rubber balls. That way, kids have a kiddie pool and a ball pit at the same time. Just make sure you observe and maintain safety measures during swimming time. The supervision of kids is important, so keep in mind that having an adult watching over the young ones is necessary. If you want to go all out, there are inflatable pools with built-in inflatable slides. Why set up a small pool when you can have a waterpark in your backyard?

2. Relax in a pool spa

This one is for both adults and kids. An inflatable spa pool is now popular in many countries. They have built-in jet hydro pumps or massage pumps to give everyone deluxe comfort throughout the day. Some kids actually prefer sitting around a spa/pool instead of swimming around. This idea is not only creative and stylish but can also be very relaxing for adults.

3. Create an inflatable beach

If you have access to sand, why not turn a small portion of your property into a beach? All you have to do is spread the sand evenly, set up the pool atop the sand and voila, you have a beach in your backyard. Other than go swimming, your kids can actually build sand castles or maybe a sand shed. Not only is this a creative idea, but you are also going to save a lot of money. Instead of spending hours on preparation, buying snacks and driving to the beach, you can do everything you want at home. Some people just go to a nearby playground with a sandbox and set up the pool over there. Why not invite your neighbours for a big party? Better yet, ask them to bring more inflatable pools so that you can have a bunch of pools all over the backyard.

4. Set it up in the middle of the woods

Just like inflatable pools, camping is embraced by Australians. People go out to experience nature and everything it has to offer. To keep kids active and excited, some families bring inflatable pools during camping trips. All you have to do is carry a lightweight inflatable pool with you, find the perfect spot, and then set it up. Some even look for high spots to set up the camp. Imagine an inflatable pool on a high area overlooking a breathtaking view. For this idea, you're going to need your creativity and your love for nature to work together.

5. Organise a themed pool party

The idea of a pool get-together never gets old. To make it more exciting, follow a theme for your inflatable pool party. The theme can be inspired by your kids' favourite movie cartoon or character. For example, try a Little Mermaid party. You can have inflatable balloons based on the cartoon characters Ariel and Sebastian. Instead of a simple inflatable kids pool party, you're throwing one of the best pool parties your child and his or her friends will remember.

6. Construct a pumped-up above-ground pool

There are so many things you can do with an inflatable pool if you set it up higher than the ground level. Above ground pools are somehow an improvement to inflatable pools with wider and taller designs. But those are not the only features these pools have. Some people attach a small diving board to it, whilst others bring out surfing boards. The bigger size of an above ground pool provides more space for swimmers. On the other hand, if you're not up for diving boards or surfing, why not fill the pool with a bunch of inflatable materials? Some parents go out and purchase more than 10 to 20 inflatable characters and throw them into the pool. For safety, make sure that the platform for above-ground pools are strong and stable enough.

7. Swim in a glowing pool at night

Inflatable pool parties are not only for daytime; you can also enjoy a nice dip at night. To spice things up, why not purchase some glowing balls or maybe one of those underwater light shows? There are also the banzai jellyfish bubble lights for your kids or inflatable balloons in the shape of ajellyfish, which come in a variety of glowing colours. If you want more hues, you can get solar powered inflatable lanterns with colour-changing features. All of these will look amazing under the beautiful night sky where you don't need to worry about putting on sunscreen. Just make sure to hold the inflatable party when the temperature is bearable and not freezing.

8. Add some colours in your inflatable pool

Get fully creative with a mix of inflatable pools and water colours. Here, you may need two or three inflatable poolsone for swimming and the other two, for kids to dip paint brushes and hands filled with watercolour paints in. You can put out a bunch of canvasses where your kids can let out their creativity. Others put up big white sheets and allow the kids to go crazy, whilst others prefer using walls or fences. Just make sure to purchase non-toxic colouring materials to keep everyone safe. Let the kids play around and have fun. Who knows, you might discover that one of your kids is a master artisan in the making.

9. Go snorkelling in the shallow

Who said snorkelling is only possible in oceans and other large bodies of water? It is not too early to teach your kids a new hobby. All you have to do is buy a bunch of water-related toys like dolphins, turtles, corals, nemo, and kid snorkels. Place everything into the pool and teach your kids to dive. You need not be scared, as the pool is probably two or three feet high. They can just simply take a dip under the water and enjoy the makeshift sea creatures. This can also be a teaching opportunity for little kids about underwater life. Under the broad daylight, your inflatable pool will look like a big aquarium sheltering water creatures from all over the planet.

10. Put all these ideas together

Why be satisfied with a single creative way of doing things, if you can use everything? One pool as the playground, another for spa. One pool set up on a sand box, and another in the middle of the garden. You can have water colours, themed inflatable characters, glowing rubber balls, and more. Give your kids the best memory with inflatable pools today.

What's the plan?

These creative ideas can help you organise an exciting inflatable pool party for your kids, but you can add more, based on what the young ones find interesting. To make it entertaining and safe for the children at the same time, consider the following about inflatable pools.

Inflatable pool safety

Inflatable pools are basically harmless for children, but you can't be too sure. Keep in mind some important reminders before setting it up.

Supervise the children

It is always advisable to be vigilant, especially when the young ones begin to act wild. Jump into the pool as soon as you feel that the situation might cause harm. Safety reminders will keep them behaved, especially if a responsible adult is running around with the kids.

Check the temperature

Summertime in Australia can sometimes be brutal, and staying outside can result in heat exhaustion and dehydration. Make sure to check the daily climate update if it is suitable to have a pool party outdoors. Remember to apply sunscreen on everyone for protection from the sun.

Set up the inflatable pool on the ground

Instead of setting up the pool on solid cement, it is better to set it up on the ground. Kids are going to be running around wet, which may cause cement or concrete to get slippery.

Prepare a first-aid kit

This should always be available. The level of danger for an inflatable pool party is minimal, but it exists. With a first-aid kit at your disposal, you can attend to wounds and injuries quickly. It is also best to study how to conduct first aid for minor injuries. You can search the internet for the basic procedures.

Buying an inflatable pool

Inflatable pools have been here for many decades and are expected to stay for more years to come. They are portable, easy to set up, storable, affordable, and exciting. If you don't have one yet and plan to get one soon, make sure to buy something that will last for many years. It is going to be a lot of hassle and not very cost-effective to buy one every year. Inflatable pools are easy to handle but are also vulnerable to damage, especially with kids around. Don't worry, though, as most portable pool products these days are manufactured with durable materials. If you can't figure out where to get one, try Outbax. Outbax even has a pretty peacock inflatable that your kids will surely love. You can also get a solar swimming pool cover bubble blanket for better safety and comfort. If you're looking for a swimming pool vacuum or cleaner set, Outbax is also the place to go. Outbax offers affordable and durable outdoor products that you can buy with free shipping benefits. Outbax has all the goods and tools for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking, and backyard swimming. Outbax's pool products range from inflatables and above-ground pools to spa pools. All you have to do is find one that suits your preferences. Bestway inflatable animal Rider Petra Pauw blue


With everything laid out, it is time to plan the inflatable pool party you've always wanted for your kids. Never hesitate to bring back some old ideas from when your parents took you out and pumped up the pool to give you the best time in your young life. You should not limit your ideas to the ones listed above. Australia may even get new creative ideas from you on how to set up an inflatable pool. Your idea might be picked up by your neighbours and shared with the whole community. All you have to do is give your kids the best inflatable pool activity today. Shop at Outbax today!