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10 Camping Essentials for the best AU Camping Experience

10 Camping Essentials for the best AU Camping Experience

Bring out the tent, the air mattress andVegemite. It's time to go camping.Just like in most countries in the world, Australia has some of the best outdoor spots for good old Aussie camping. The Bamurru Plains at the National Territory, the Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay, and Cockatoo Island at the Sydney Harbour are just some of the most amazing camping spots in the country where you can set up your tent and enjoy the spectacular view of nature.

There are different types of camping in Australia: traditional camping at national park campgrounds or state forest campgrounds; caravan park camping; bush camping; and island camping, to name a few. Nothing beats the usual way, of course, so onto the campgrounds you, your family, and your friends go. If you and your mates are planning to go camping soon, there are a number of tips you'll need to consider to get the best out of the experience. These are going to revolve around safety, security, comfort, and making the best out of the camping trip having fun outdoors.

Camping essential #1: Choose the perfect campsite

For the perfect camping experience, you're going to need the perfect camping spot. If you can't find one, opt for at least something that's near perfection. Make sure to find a durable and wide natural surface for your tents and other equipment. It is advisable to set up camp 200 feet or more away from bodies of water. Be sure to pick a spot that is not surrounded by too many trees and plants. You want to be one with nature, not contained by it. Most camping sites in Australia offer open and wide campgrounds, so this first task is should be an easy one.

Camping essential #2: Never forget your first aid kit

Make sure to first stock up on first aid supplies and medicines. It's better to be prepared than to assume that nothing can go wrong. You or your companions might feel ill during your overnight stay and a hospital might be miles away. It is also common in the country for more snakes to be out and about during summer, the season when most people go camping. Better to be safe and alive than sick or dead. Always bring a first aid kit when camping.

Camping essential #3: Bring the right equipment and gear

If you're planning to go to your camping trip wearing your running shoes because they're lighter and you decide to stuff all your things inside your office bag, you might as well go back. This is such a common reminder and it does not even have to be on this list, but since the most common pointers are most often the ones forgotten, it is worth mentioning here. Make sure to wear proper clothes and bring the proper packs or bags for your camping trip. This will help you better maneuver your every move whilst being able to keep all your things secured inside your ever-reliable camping backpack.

Camping essential #4: Check the campground's availability

Most camping grounds in Australia are open to the general public; however, there are many instances when national camping grounds all over the country are temporarily shut down due to specific reasons. As such, remember to check their availability by contacting the land management system in charge of monitoring camping accommodations at the area you're planning to visit. Bushfire is also rampant in Australia so make sure the area you're planning to camp at isn't prone to it before you embark on your camping trip.

Camping essential #5: Check the weather

The weather condition during the hot seasons is pretty consistent even in different parts of the Australia, but it is still recommended for you to check the weather report for the day or days you want to go camping. Rain can be real a damper and can completely ruin your entire camping trip.

Camping essential #6: Bring food and water

Camping in Australia gives you access to some of the best food mother nature has to offer. However, you have to consider the fact that you are not a hunter nor a gatherer you're a camper. It's true that catching or foraging your own food is fun, but it is advisable for you to bring food and water supplies just in case.

Camping essential #7: Teach kids about fire safety

Child safety is a top priority when it comes to camping. If you're camping with kids, it's best to teach them a thing or two about playing with fire and that lesson is to not mess with it.

Camping essential #8: Forget the beer, tinny, slab, and tallie

Most campgrounds in Australia do not allow drinking alcohol in the designated areas for camping. That is a great rule and should be implemented all throughout the camp areas in Australia. Camping is about enjoying the night sky, the campfire, the S'mores, and your company. You don't need booze to have fun.

Camping essential #9: Lay out the itinerary

Camping is not just about setting up a tent in the woods and managing to survive with the barest necessities. You're outside in the midst of nature and you need to make the best out of the experience until it's time to pack up. Camping is all about the outdoor activities to be enjoyed by everyone: hiking, swimming, sightseeing, and maybe even some games. Just think of the fun you're going to have no matter how old you are. Plan your activities to get the biggest bang out of your camping trip.

Camping essential #10: Bring an air mattress or an air bed

Many people say camping is not camping when you're not going to sleep on the ground. Wrong! Camping is enjoying nature with your loved ones. so you might as well throw in some comfort for everyone. It is now a common idea in Australia for campers to bring portable air mattresses or air beds with them. They are easy to set up and carry, not to mention affordable. You're going to need all the energy you can get to engage in the best camping adventure of your life. For that, you're going to need a good night's sleep.

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