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  • The newest and most advanced shingled solar cell technology on the market
  • No welding strip design
  • Guaranteed output
  • Extremely flexible-t's bent to 60 degree for installation and provide power in the RV, boat, huts, tents or any other irregular surface.
  • Effectively reduce the power loss caused by shadow coverage
  • Significantly reduce the hot spot effect
  • Simple sleek all black design panel


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Product Details

Unlike conventional solar panels that use busbars to hold them together – minimising the amount of cells and thus power you can draw – shingled panels utilise solar strips. The strips are overlaid, meaning there is nothing but pure cell available to draw power from the sun.

  MAX100 MAX100 MAX100 MAX100
Maximum Power 130W 200W 110W 160W
Max Power Voltage 19.25V 18.15V 18.15V 18.15V
Max Power Current 6.5A 10.75A 5.79A 8.54A
Solar Cell Mono
Grade A
Grade A
Grade A
Grade A

Technical specs


Solar Panel Type: Flexible
Maximum Power: 110W
Max Power Voltage: 18.15V
Max Power Current: 5.79A
Max System Voltage: 500V
Open-Circuit Voltage: 21.45V
Short-Circuit Current: 6.07A
Temperature Range: -20℃-65℃
Power Tolerance: 0-5%
Solar Cell Type: Monocrystalline Grade A
TUV Certification: Yes
IP Rating: IP65
Warranty: 1.5 Years


Dimensions: 510(H) x 1050(L) x 2(W)mm
Net Weight: 2.3kg


1 x Solar Panel




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