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2 Person Inflatable Spa

Let’s quickly go over the information you should know if you’re considering getting a portable hot tub. Read more

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  • The SYDNEY model is the upgraded MIAMI
  • Comes with a stronger, quieter pump and is completely portable
  • Tritech™ exterior is thick, durable and can't be punctured
  • Comfortably fits up to 4 people
  • Quick inflation and deflation, can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Soothing AirJet™ bubble massage system (120 jets)
  • Built in phone and cup holder
  • Lift-up digital control panel
  • Reinforced cover with safety lock clips
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1 product fitting your needs

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Let’s quickly go over the information you should know if you’re considering getting a portable hot tub.

A Financial Investment For Your Home

First, it should be mentioned that portable hot tubs don’t necessarily cost as much as they, well, cost. It can add value onto the overall selling price of your home.

The chances of fully recouping the money you spent on your tub are small, but if done cleverly a significant portion of your investment will be returned to you.

Placement of a hot tub is important when considering its financial return regarding home value increase. You’ll find that placing tubs in secluded outdoor areas of a garden or in center of entertaining areas works best for resale value increases. Also, hot tubs are likely to add a greater value portion onto home sales in colder climates where they outrank swimming pools in demand.

Many people find the idea of relaxing in hot water during the colder winter evenings immensely appealing – an appeal which you will be adding to your home.

Even if you plan to take your portable hot tub with you when you move, as many house owners do, having a tub on your house photos is likely to generate a larger number of viewers coming through your property.

A Personal Investment For Your Home

Apart from the financial side to attaining a portable hot tub, there is also the main benefit of personal enjoyment to consider, including:

Therapeutic – some models are specifically designed to help with aching muscles and joints.

Social – hot tub is likely to create an excellent space to hang out with friends or to enjoy time with a loved one.

Relaxation – with a hot tub at home you can enjoy the relaxation of a spa day in the comfort of your own home or garden.

Many people find that having a hot tub gives them a chance to enjoy their home and garden more. It’s your choice how you use your tub, but they’re a great personal investment in quality of your life.

Portable Hot Tubs Vs Regular Hot Tubs

The personal and financial benefits of owning a hot tub as outlined above can apply to both portable and regular hot tubs. There are however vast differences between these two types. When considering purchasing a tub, you should be clear on what kind you need for your home.

Portable Hot Tubs

As their name suggests, these hot tubs are made to be moved from place to place with relative ease. Usually, the only external inputs required for a portable hot tub are water and electricity. Most tubs are so simply designed that they are filled using a garden hose.

Here are some of the crucial features:

Construction: Portable hot tubs are made with acrylic shells which provide a smooth surface for users to sit on and are also easy to clean. The insulation material is usually made of foam, which helps to keep the unit light enough to transport.

Placement: It can be placed almost anywhere, though you’ll want to be careful if you’re setting your tub inside or on a deck. For indoor use, make sure you select a new tub (has a low leakage risk) and for deck use, make sure that it can support the water-filled weight!

Affordability: Portable hot tubs can range in price from a few hundred up into the tens of thousands. Inflatable jacuzzies and blow up tubs tend to be cheaper than hard shell portable tubs. A two-person inflatable hot tub will also tend to be cheaper than a four or six-person one.

Maintenance: A good portable hot tub will have been designed to be very easy to maintain. Getting one with quick-drain options and an advanced filtration system will help to keep your maintenance time and cost at a minimum.

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