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  • MaxRay 30A 12V/24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller with USB

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Product highlights

  • 12V/24V LCD display
  • Built-in industrial micro controller
  • Fully 4-stage Charge management
  • LCD display Solar Controller Charge with 2 USB port
  • Suitable for lead acid batteries OPEN, AGM, GEL & Lithium LiFePO4

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Product details

This Maxray 30A 12V/24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller with USB is all you need to keep your power going on the road.

In addition to a built-in LCD display, this regulator comes with:

  • Built-in industrial micro controller
  • Fully 4-stage charge management
  • Solar Controller Charge with USB X 2
  • Dual mosfet reverse current protection and low heat production

This regulator is suitable for charging lead acid and lithium/LiFePO4 batteries. 

What is a Solar Charge Controller?
A charge controller or charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. Most "12 volt" panels put out about 16 to 20 volts, so if there is no regulation the batteries will be damaged from overcharging. Most batteries need around 14 to 14.5 volts to get fully charged.

Do I always need a charge controller?
Not always, but usually. Generally, there is no need for a charge controller with the small maintenance, or trickle charge panels, such as the 1 to 5-watt panels. A rough rule is that if the panel puts out about 2 watts or less for each 50 battery amp-hours, then you don't need one.

For example, a standard flooded golf car battery is around 210 amp-hours. So to keep up a series pair of them (12 volts) just for maintenance or storage, you would want a panel that is around 4.2 watts. The popular 5-watt panels are close enough, and will not need a controller. If you are maintaining AGM deep cycle batteries, such as the Concorde Sun Xtender then you can use a smaller 2 to 2-watt panel.

Why 12 Volt Panels are 17 Volts?
The obvious question then comes up - "why aren't panels just made to put out 12 volts". The reason is that if you do that, the panels will provide power only when cool, under perfect conditions, and full sun. This is not something you can count on in most places. The panels need to provide some extra voltage so that when the sun is low in the sky, or you have heavy haze, cloud cover, or high temperatures*, you still get some output from the panel. A fully charged "12-volt" battery is around 12.7 volts at rest (around 13.6 to 14.4 under charge), so the panel has to put out at least that much under worst-case conditions.

Technical specs


Rated Voltage: 12V 24V auto
Rated Current: 30A
Temperature Range: -35°C to 60°C
Application: Solar System Controller
Material: ABS
Charging Type: DC
Max PV Voltage: <50V
USB Output: 5V2A
Max PV Input Power: 390W(12V) 780W(24V)
Over Charge Current(V): 14.4V
Over Discharge Current(V): 10.7V
Temperature Compensation: -
Empty Load Wastage: 10mA-20mA
Loop Voltage Drop: 150mΩ
Display: LCD
Output Voltage: 10.7V-14.4V
Battery Voltage: 12V-24V
Full Voltage Cut-Off: 14.4V
Low Voltage Cut-Off: 10.7V


Dimensions: 134x70x32mm
Weight: 0.2KG


1 x 30A MaxRay Solar Controller




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MaxRay 30A 12V/24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller with USB

MaxRay 30A 12V/24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller with USB

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