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BUNDLE DEAL - LiFePO4 Battery Charging Kit 2x 100W Solar Panel 20A MPPT Controller Bluetooth with Cable

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  • A-grade, monocrystalline solar panels
  • High-efficiency MPPT solar charge controller with dual ports
  • MPPT LCD display for easy tracking of battery charge
  • UV-insulated, durable cables
  • Easy to operate MPPT with built-in protection & Bluetooth

Looking for a high-efficiency, eco-friendly battery charger system for your batteries? Check out this 200W Solar Starter Kit. Perfect for both RVs and off-grid homes, the set consists of two 100W solar panels, an MPPT solar charge controller, and assembled cables, ready for installation. 

Designed for hassle-free assembly and maintenance, this reliable charging system comes with complete, high-grade components.

Let’s start with the solar panels first. These boast A-grade, monocrystalline solar cells, the highest-efficiency-rated type of solar panel. They were also crafted following a PV design principle that reduces the time your batteries will be low on charge to prolong their service life. 

These solar panels produce an average of 1000Wh of electricity per day with 5-hour summer sunlight exposure. Aside from sufficient power, they don’t take up much roof space, making them ideal for RVs and small cabins. 

Of course, solar charging always requires a charge controller to keep your battery safe. This device regulates the energy generated by the solar panels, which flows into the battery to prevent overcharging. The 20A MPPT controller here is made of the highest quality components and has modern features that allow for added convenience such as Bluetooth connectivity.

For one, its control parameters are easy to set up and operate. It also has integrated overcharging, overheating, and open short-circuit protection. Externally, there are dual charging ports for simultaneous charging too, plus a large LCD display for easy tracking of your charge & discharge state, including cumulative power generation. 

Last but definitely not least, this kit comes with a pair of 6m UV-insulated PV cables with MC4 connectors and a pair of 1m 8AWG adaptor cables. Everything is all ready to set up the moment you receive your bundle, so you get to enjoy its benefits right away.

Choose a convenient, highly-efficient battery charging system today and make the most out of your existing power pack. For more information, contact our customer service team via chat or at 02 888 10 333 and they will be happy to assist you. 

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BUNDLE DEAL - LiFePO4 Battery Charging Kit 2x 100W Solar Panel 20A MPPT Controller Bluetooth with Cable

$379.00 $799.00


Max. Power: 100W
Max. Power Voltage: 18V
Max. Power Current: 5.55A
Open-Circuit Voltage: 22.4V
Short-Circuit Current: 5.88A
Max. System Voltage: 1000V
Temperature Range: -40°C-85°C
Power Tolerance: 0-3%
Solar Cell Type: Monocrystalline Grade A
TUV Certification: Yes
IP Rating: IP67
Warranty: 5 year
Dimensions: 720 x 710 x 30mm
Net Weight: 4.9kg


Rated Charge Current: 20A
System Rated Voltage: 12V/24V Auto Recognized
Maximum Battery Voltage: 8V-32V
Max PV Input Power / Input Voltage: 100V (at the lowest temperature)
92V (at a standard temperature of 25°)
12V battery: 260W
24V battery: 520W

Static Loss: 50mA
HVD: Lead Acid Battery 16V
Light Control Voltage: 5V/10V/15V/20V
LCD Temperature: -20°~+70°
Operating Temperature: -20°~+55°
Storage Temperature: -30°~+80°
Protection Class: IP30
Grounded Type: Positive Grounded
Dimensions: 175 x 120 x 47mm


2 x 12V 100W Fixed Solar Panel
1 x 20A MPPT Blutooth Controller
1 x Tray Cable
1 x Adaptor Cable
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