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  • 140 Airjets™
  • Water Capacity (80%) 916L
  • Max. Heat Capability 40˚C
  • Inflated Size 1.96m x 71cm
  • Inner Size 1.46m
  • 240v Standard Plug - 2050W


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Product Details

Comfortably fit 4 to 6 adults in the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs inflatable spa! It's one of our top selling Lay-Z-Spas due to its larger size vs affordable price.

This hydrotherapy/hydro-massage spa helps relax muscles, blood circulation, relieves muscular tension and is great for stress-management. Its depth means you’re completely submerged in the water for a wonderful soaking experience.

Add some luxury to your life with this spa, which is easily set up in only 10 minutes! You can use the built-in touch screen control panel to adjust the temperature up to 40C and the automatic on/off timer for extra efficiency and power-saving.

Benefits of the Bestway Lay-Z Palm Springs include:

  • 140 extra-strong massage jets that move the water just like a built-in spa.
  • The smooth Tritech™ exterior gives the spa a premium feel. It’s also functional, minimising the possibility of accidental rips and keeps the spa from expanding. The thick material means you’ll be protected from punctures or stretching. In comparison to competing spas made with lower quality materials, you’ll never see bulging.
  • The double-welded seams ensure the joints won’t tear apart.
  • The Lay-Z-Spa is taller and holds more water than other spas on the market.
  • The Lay-Z-Spa has thick, soft, padded floors for comfort and insulation.
  • Dual filters are each covered with a one-way valve. Unlike other spas, dirt won’t float back up when you turn the spa off. The Bestway dual filter ensures a cleaner spa that conforms to mandatory safety standards in Australia.
  • Reinforced cover with safety lock clips and built-in air chamber for insulation
  • Grounding fault detection system provides protection against electrical danger

Please note that the product does not include Ground Cloth. Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor. There is a potential for variation in colour due to variations in photography, lighting conditions, and also monitor display variables.

Technical specs


Model Number: 60017
Upgraded replacement for 54129
Capacity: 4-6 Adults
Material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Water Capacity (80%): 916 L (242 gal.)
Filled Weight: 954 kg (2,103 lbs)
Power Rating: 220-240v AU Plug - 2050W at 20°C
Actual Water Flow: 1,325 L/h (350 gal./h)
Heating System: Approx. 1.5-2.0˚C/h (3-4˚F/h)
Max. Heat Capability: 40˚C (104˚F)
Max. Water Depth: 52 cm (20")
Number of Airjets: 140
Certification: CE, TUV, EAC
Energy Cost:

50W during filtration
800W during massage
2050W during heating


Inflated Size: 1.96 m x 71 cm (77” x 28”)
Inner Size: 1.46 m (57")
Net Weight: 34 kg (75 lbs)


1 x Pool cover
1 x Spa pump
1 x ChemConnect™ dispenser
1 x  Filter cartridge (VI)
1 x  Repair Kit
1 x  AirJet™ system




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Is the electrical supply 10amp or 15amp?
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If I were to heat the water up and turn the pump off, can I use this as a regular bath and use soap/bubbles/bath salts ect?
It looks like the spa comes with some extra jets that can blow on your back, is that correct? And how can I clean the bottom of the spa if it has some dirt sitting there?
Is the motor part waterproof?
What surface can you put the spa on?
Can the temperature be less than 40 degrees?
The pictures shows jets on the side walls of the spa for massage. But looking at the video, it appears to only have the jets in the bottom section of the spa.
What's involved in the salt cleaning? Is there a chemical floater included?
Are the pipes for hydrojet releases water or just air?
Can I leave the spa on? When I am not using the spa I want to maintain the temperature and keep the filters working.
Can I use essential oils in the spa?
Do the hydrojets/airjets release hot water or hot air?
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How do you clean the tub?
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How long is the power cable?
How many Amps is the plug?
How much power does it cost for the filter and the heating mechanism to work?
What chemicals can I use in the spa?
When should I replace the cartridge?

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