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Solar Fairy Lights

You know it's Christmas Season in Australia when those beautiful strings of lights start appearing in the neighbourhood and in public spaces. These twinkly things are called fairy lights, which bring a festive vibe to wherever you place them.  Read more

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Stockholm Christmas Lights Path Light Mini Tree 20pc Multi LEDs Timer Battery

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  • 8 Functions incl 7 Flash Modes and Steady Glow.
  • 6hr on 18hr Off Timer Function.
  • Requires 3xAA Batteries.
  • Alkaline batteries will last up to 150 hrs ( 25days ) using the 6hr on / 18hr off Timer.
  • Multi Colour LEDs ( Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White )
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1 product fitting your needs

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You know it's Christmas Season in Australia when those beautiful strings of lights start appearing in the neighbourhood and in public spaces. These twinkly things are called fairy lights, which bring a festive vibe to wherever you place them. 

Actually, these types of decors are not meant for Christmas tree lights only. You can also use them indoors, particularly as bedroom fairy lights for a soft glow and calming ambience. Fairy lights can be bought in almost any local store as well. There are fairy lights Kmart, bunnings fairy lights, Big W fairy lights, and so on. 

Here at Outbax, we also got rows of these stunning lights in a variety of styles perfect for the upcoming Christmas. Another great thing about these bright decorations is that you can add them to the outside spaces of your home, traditional Christmas trees, windows, and plain walls for an instant glimmering effect.

Fairy lights are often interchanged with the term string lights. This is not much of a problem, although string lights can also refer to a strand of lights meant to illuminate an area more than decorating it. They usually have bigger bulbs and are used for outdoor events in the evening. 

Planning to get a new bunch of fairy string lights this year? Check out the different types you can go for and buy the best ones at Outbax with FREE shipping!

Are LED Fairy Lights Better Than Regular Fairy Lights?

Most of us know the advantages of LED over other types of lights and it's also the same case with Christmas fairy lights. Unlike traditional string lights, LED fairy lights have a filament inside the bulb which is both resistant to temperature and impact. This makes them more durable and long-lasting, so you can skip shopping for spare Christmas bulbs every year. 

LED lights have been around for some time but their popularity skyrocketed when they became available in other colours aside from red. Opting for this kind of twinkle lighting will give you a brighter colour payoff in bulbs that stay cool to touch. They're also eco-friendly with no UV, lead, or mercury content in them so they're ideal for both residential and business establishment setups. 

Perhaps the best benefit of LED fairy lights lies in energy efficiency. These lights use 90% less energy than traditional fairy lights and can last for up to 100,000 hours. This means reduced bills and more years of use—such a great value for your money!

Choose from a wide variety of LED fairy lights at Outbax today and get huge savings on your Christmas decor shopping. Check out our white fairy lights that will look great on holiday trees or balconies or maybe get a bunch of solar fairy lights for the outside of your home. Need solar panels to pair that with? No problem, we also got those here!

Is It Safe To Leave Battery Fairy Lights On At Night?

Fairy lights can either be plug-ins or battery-backed. There is a surrounding concern on battery-operated fairy lights regarding safety though, especially for those who would like to leave them on overnight. The simple answer to this is: it depends. They are generally safe to be left on for short periods of time, but if you're going to do so for longer intervals, there are a lot of factors to consider. 

First of these would be the type of batteries you're using. Typically, AA or AAA batteries are used for these decorative lights but if you're planning to run them for extended periods, it's better to use lithium batteries instead. These power packs are designed to hold their charge for a longer time and are less likely to get drained after hours of runtime.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fire hazard, particularly for non-LED fairy lights. This is why it's always better to opt for LED instead of traditional incandescent bulbs for additional safety. If you want to be extra sure, you can try getting a timer switch—this is also a good move if you're trying to reduce energy consumption, aside from choosing energy-efficient bulbs. 

What Are The Types of Fairy Lights?

String fairy lights come in a variety of types. Here are some of the most popular ones to help you pick out yours this coming Christmas. 

Traditional String Lights

String lights alone come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are globe-shaped ones, jar-shaped lights, star-shaped twinkles and more. Here at Outbax, you'll have rows of fairy lights to choose from with some even including timers for added convenience.

String Solar Lights

These are pretty much the same as the first type but are powered using solar energy. They are ideal for use in outdoor areas like backyards, balconies, and decks to instantly bring holiday vibes to your home. 

Multicolour Lights

While single-coloured lights are elegant and all, there's something undeniably special about multicolour hues flashing in different patterns on your walls or Christmas tree. These match the cheery atmosphere of the holiday season so well and will look great indoors or outdoors. Check out our stunning collection of these at Outbax such as the eye-catching LED Flashing Rainbow Curtain Lights.

Outdoor Fairy Lights

Transform your backyard or front lawn into something magical with outdoor fairy string lights. These will look stunning around tree branches, against lush hedges, and on flower beds. Light up your neighbourhood in the evening and get everyone excited for the holidays with a dazzling arrangement of lights all over the outside of your house. 

Rope Lights

Dangle bright hues from trees or on your terrace! Rope lights add a unique touch to your Christmas ornament and are easy to set up as well. Try our Multicolour Rope Lights at Outbax for something new on your holiday decorations this year.

Avoid the holiday shopping rush and get your Christmas lights early! Visit Outbax today for a range of fairy lights, icicle lights, pre lit Christmas trees and more. We’re all holiday-ready here, so don’t miss the chance to avail affordable decorative lighting with FREE shipping. 

Those who got outdoor holiday plans are in for a treat too. We have some of the best camping equipment here including portable power sources like inverter generators and LiFePO4 batteries ideal for all your Christmas break outings!

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