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Outdoor Lit Christmas Trees

Outdoor lit Christmas trees are probably the best reminders that the festive season is approaching. You'll see them lined up in every house you pass by, in open public spaces, and even in your workplace.  Read more

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Stockholm Christmas Tree Xmas Lights Willow Tree 180 LEDs Color Change 1.2m

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  • 180 LEDs
  • 120cm Height
  • Automatic Constant Twinkle Effect
  • Colour Change Rainbow LEDs
  • 5m Lead Wire
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1 product fitting your needs

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Outdoor lit Christmas trees are probably the best reminders that the festive season is approaching. You'll see them lined up in every house you pass by, in open public spaces, and even in your workplace. 

These holiday trees can either be outdoor pre lit Christmas trees or traditional holiday trees. While both have their pros and cons, they're equally beautiful to look at along with other Christmas outdoor decs such as Christmas inflatables and outdoor solar Christmas lights.

Luckily, Christmas trees are all over your favourite local stores, whether they're real or artificial Christmas trees. You can see rows of pre lit Christmas trees Kmart, Target pre lit Christmas trees, and traditional ones in the same stores as early as September in preparation for shoppers who'll soon be flocking to buy one. 

Pre lit Christmas trees are growing more popular in particular due to their several advantages over real holiday trees. The number one of these perks would be convenience. Getting a lighted tree means saying goodbye to tangled wires and the tedious task of wrapping them around a giant tree. Whether you want indoor or outdoor lit Christmas trees, going for a pre lit one will save you a lot of time, especially during the busy holiday season.

If you're planning to buy one, visit Outbax and for tons of pre lit Christmas tree Australia suggestions, plus other lighting and decorations you can pair to create an impressive, holiday-themed ensemble.

Are Outdoor Lit Christmas Trees Durable? 

Most outdoor lit Christmas trees are durable since they are to withstand outdoor conditions. This is especially true if you buy quality pre lit artificial Christmas trees. They're more likely to stay intact and in good condition in outdoor spaces of your home such as backyards, gardens, or decks. If you're looking to buy lit up outdoor Christmas trees, here are some of the main factors you need to consider to make sure you get the most out of it:


Your outdoor pre lit Christmas tree should be constructed with long-wearing materials that can withstand not-so-friendly weather conditions like snow and rain. This would largely be dependent on your materials such as branches and tree stand. For instance, it's generally better to opt for a holiday outdoor Christmas tree with hinged branches since they are permanently affixed and easier to set up than hook-in branches. Your stand, meanwhile, should be a metal one instead of plastic for maximum stability. 

Also, look for a pre lit tree with burn-out protection so in case one of its Christmas light bulbs went out, the rest would stay safe and continue running. 


Safety is a pressing concern for most outdoor lit Christmas trees or any other electric-run Christmas decorations. Pro tip: Opt for LED lit Christmas trees. LED lights are known for being safe, as they stay cool to touch and don't heat up like traditional incandescent bulbs. You can also go for low voltage LED outdoor lit Christmas trees to minimise fire hazards.


LED lit Christmas trees take the spotlight in terms of efficiency as well. These use up to 75% less energy and last 25% longer than traditional lit up outdoor Christmas trees, allowing you to display them without your electricity bills skyrocketing. Better yet, opt for solar LED Christmas lights and take advantage of renewable energy!


Last but of course not least, you want to make sure your outdoor light trees look stunning, whether it's a pre lit snowy Christmas tree or a lush, green one. If you want to mimic the appearance of a real, evergreen tree, choose something with PE leaves and sculpted branches to achieve that authentic look. 

How Much Are Outdoor Lit Christmas Trees?

Budgeting for an outdoor lit Christmas tree can go a long way. Holiday trees can start at around $100, but of course, as with almost all items, you get what you pay for. If you're looking for a quality, stunning outdoor pre lit Christmas tree for $150, you're likely to end up disappointed. 

Usually, good ones range at around $300 and up, although it still depends—some shops do provide good Christmas trees at a reasonable price range if you look hard enough. You need to consider other extra materials here as well, such as your Christmas tree decorations and maybe some extra lights surrounding it, like icicle Christmas lights, outdoor fairy lights, or an outdoor lit Christmas star.

There is no set "best time" to buy your outdoor lit Christmas trees either. A lot of shoppers usually buy theirs in the first two weeks of December, which can actually get you pretty good deals. However, if you prefer to buy at a particular store, better stay updated with what they are currently offering. Some provide discounts for early shoppers, while others put up Christmas decors as part of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. 

How Do You Troubleshoot Outdoor Lit Christmas Trees?

As beautiful as they are, outdoor lit Christmas trees especially pre lit types can have some issues too. These are usually caused by wirings or the bulbs themselves, but it's always good to have an idea of how to troubleshoot them just in case. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to check or do a quick fix of your holiday tree:

Step 1

Check for loose plugs, especially if you have multiple light plugs stuck together. This is one of the common causes of flickering bulbs, so it's best to see if all of your plugs are secure. If your tree has a single plug or power pole design, check the sections where the poles meet to ensure that each one is seated properly. 

Step 2

Inspect your plug fuses and see if anything needs replacement. Simply slide open the door of your plug, then connect the strand to an extension cord to see if this fixes the problem. 

Step 3

If you have checked your connections and your lights are still having issues, it can be due to a problem with one bad bulb or the wiring. Locate for bad bulbs and if the issue is within the string, replace it with a new stand of lights. 

Step 4

Still wondering why you're outdoor lit Christmas tree is not lighting up properly? Try buying a bulb tester online or in hardware stores to see if there might be internal damage to your bulbs.

Ready to start decorating for the holidays? Check out our outdoor lit Christmas trees at Outbax! We have the most unique ones here, plus they’re affordable and easy to install as well!

Looking for solar outdoor Christmas decorations? We have them too, and in different styles to suit all kinds of holiday-themed ideas—even the solar panels to power them are here!

Of course, Outbax still has its original camping gear available this Christmas season. Get the best camping generators and batteries here for your upcoming holiday outdoor adventures. Prefer to cosy up and have fun at home? No problem, our leisure items like spas and above-ground pools would be perfect for that long overdue family time!

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