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Which Is the Best Solar Panel?

Which Is the Best Solar Panel?

So, you're going to shop for solar panels and want to make sure you get the best one to ensure great value for your money. Well, there isn't really a black-and-white answer to which solar panel stands out among the rest. There are tons of this in the market especially since it's gaining popularity lately, plus, different applications call for different kinds of solar panels. This is also why they have a variety of types such as folding solar panels, fixed solar panels, and solar mats.

If you really want to make sure that you get a good deal, there are factors you can look at that will help you pick quality solar panels. Below are some of them:


This primarily pertains to the ratio of solar energy that goes into your panel to the electrical energy generated by it. Ideally, solar panels with an efficiency rate of 15% to just over 21% would make a great pick. Why is this important? It's because the higher the efficiency, the more electricity watts you will get for every square meter of panel, meaning it will take less space on your roof as well.


Naturally, we all want a cheap solar panel setup. However, while this might look like a good thing for your wallet at first, it can actually cost you a lot in the long run. When considering the price of your solar panel, calculate it according to how many watts you're getting with each dollar of the module. Good solar panels are typically priced at $1.60 per wattanything lower than this is most likely not a good option.

Module Quality

One thing you can do to determine how good a solar panel is would be to check its reviews online. Filter it by location so you know how it fares in different settings and various weather conditions. Research the material used for your modules, its durability, and its efficiency. Solar panels made with monocrystalline are considered the best type since they have the highest efficiency and longest lifespan compared to other solar panels.

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Very important: Make sure that the solar panel you're eyeing is fully compliant with Australian standards. Additionally, see your supplier's history and experience, including where you can bring your modules in case you encounter issues with them. Preferably, it's better if repairs can be done on-site. In terms of warranty, insist on at least a 10-year coverage and make sure this isn't tied to an agreement that will cost you more, like requiring to have your panels cleaned once a year for $300 just to keep the warranty.

Specifications and Features

Specs like power tolerance, voltage rating, and temperature rating should also be taken into account. As a general rule, panels should be rated 100V DC minimum to ensure safety. Take note too, that if you want your panel to perform better in higher temperatures, get something with a good temperature coefficient rating.


You're good to start shopping for solar panels if you're okay with the "utilitarian look." For those who want something a bit more stylish, you can search for sleek, solar roof tiles or even flexible panels if you've got a uniquely-shaped roof. Bear in mind that this will cost you more but hey, if you really want it to look aesthetic, go for it.

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There you have it. These are the primary things to consider just before you decide on which solar panels to buy. Want more suggestions? Visit Outbax for a variety of solar panel types, solar panel accessories, and additional camping equipment like inverter generators too.