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How Efficient Is a Solar Panel?

How Efficient Is a Solar Panel?

Ever wonder if your solar panels are doing their job well? Or are you still thinking if switching to solar will be beneficial? Either way, one of the best solutions to this is learning all about solar panel efficiency. It pertains to the rate at which your solar panels converts the sunlight it was able to generate via photovoltaics into electricity. On average, a solar panel's efficiency falls between 15% to 22%. This is still subject to variations depending on the manufacturer and other factors such as weather conditions.

What Are the Factors That Affect Solar Panel Efficiency?

Whether you have fixed solar panels, flexible solar panels, or solar mats, the factors that affect their efficiency are all the same. The first one is your solar panel typeis it monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin film? If we're going to rank these in terms of efficiency rate, monocrystalline would be at the top with 22% to 27% rating. The other two are slightly less efficient, ranging at just the average rate mentioned earlier. Next to consider is the positioning and wiring of your panels. The orientation and way your solar panels are mounted greatly affect your output, so it's best to make sure you place them somewhere they can absorb the most sunlight. Your location's temperature and sun hours also matteryou want to place them somewhere with lots of sun exposure but not at an extremely high temperature as this can reduce the voltage generated by your solar panels. Lastly, your inverter should be equally efficient as well since this is responsible for translating your Direct Current (DC) to Alternate Current (AC), which is the electricity used to power your appliances.

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Top 3 Most Efficient Solar Panel Brands

SunPower Maxeon 6 440W: With an efficiency rate of 22.8% and a 25-year lifespan, the Maxeon 6 is designed to work better in low light conditions compared to other panels. Each panel is equipped with microinverters in order to minimise the effects of shade and improve your system's performance at the same time. Fusing unrivalled reliability and advanced features, it's no wonder why Maxeon usually tops the list of best solar panels!

Canadian Solar CS6R-MS 440W: Characterised by their homogenous appearance, the CS6R-MS Solar Panels from Canadian Solar is most suitable for rooftops. These high-power solar panels are also very handy, perfect for use as camping or caravan solar panels. It's made up of half-cut mono-PERC cells and has an efficiency rate of up to 21.5%, only slightly lower than Maxeon's.

LG Neon R 405W: The LG Neon R series is geared to provide maximum efficiency even in limited spaces. These high output solar panels are made up of modules that are guaranteed to generate at least 92.5% of their labelled power output. Backed with a 25-year warranty, it's the ideal long-lasting panel for homes, RVs, and camping trips.

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In terms of costs, solar panel prices vary greatly depending on the brand, size, specs, and how many panels you need. Some can be on the expensive side but if you're looking to save more, Outbax has a wide collection of solar panels for sale. Choose from several 200W solar panels, 12V solar panels, 4WD solar panels and more. Need something for installation? Check out our available solar panel accessories toowho knows, you might just find them here!

Currently, there has been increasing competition in the solar power market as more and more people switch to using solar energy. This is expected to lead to more affordable solar power sources and more efficient modules whether for use in households, commercial, or recreational applications. Aside from this, solar batteries have been on the rise as well as they serve as storage of energy generated by the solar panels that are made available upon demand. Outdoor lovers with recreational vehicles often pair panels and batteries, since it offers a lot of wins even in off-grid settings: renewable energy, reduced costs, and increased freedom on where you want to camp out.